Fall photo & Halloween costumes

As a family, pictures are a huge deal to me.  Erik always gives me this look when I tell him we are going to do pictures again.  I am not sure why I love them so much but I think the biggest thing is that I NEVER want to forget this moment or time with each other.  I know he reflects back on the pictures with a great big smile even if I am dragging him by his collar.

Each year for the past two, we have gone to Clix in Allen to get a narrative picture made of the kids in their costumes.  They ran a special back when I had the first one taken and that was the only time they ran the special.  I have to remind them each year after that we want that specific narrative to display the kids because now it is a tradition!  I don’t have the narrative to show, but I do have the individual shots of the kids in their costumes that I wanted to share.  I also had them take a Fall Picture for this year too.

I did a little behind the scenes pictures that I thought I’d post too. Pardon the fuzzy feeling, these were taken with my iphone.  These kiddos are on the move so its hard to get them standing or sitting still for a picture!
Here the kids are waiting on the photographer to set up the background for their fall picture.
Gosh they are growing up fast!
Here is the final shot we got:
{melts my heart}

Now on to our costume portion!
First up was Rayne and my behind the scenes shots.  She was NOT diggin’ her hat one bit! Erik had to help her keep it in place.   
Here is the shot we went with:
Reese’s turn!  She has gotten really good at letting us take pictures and has the “CHEESE” down pat!
The shot we went with:
All of the time the girls took to get the right picture gave Ryan plenty of time to run through the entire store back and forth as fast as he could and playing with his sword.  He is in LOVE with his costume!! Here is my GI Joe Ninja Black Knight!
And our final shot:

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Anonymous said...

Look how big they are getting! I really love all their Halloween costumes!

becca said...

omg how cute everyone looks so adorable

Stacie said...

They have all grown sooo much. Love the pics!

Jessica McCoy said...

SO CUTE!!! Love all the costumes! Who's idea was it to give Ryan a sword!? haha!

When do you do trick or treating? On actual Halloween night? Wasn't sure if it changes because of being a week day.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh their costumes are so cute! The pictures came out FANTASTIC! Such cute cute kids!

Gauger Family said...

Super cute!!

Angel said...

Such cute pictures and costumes! I've noticed all little boys love the ninja look! Are you guys trick or treating on Wednesday?

Mrs. Match said...

I love this tradition idea! Love the costumes. Ryan is so into character! :-) So fun. I can't wait to dress up Piglet!!

Emmy said...

LOVE those pictures!! What a fun tradition. Reese is a doll! Love her pose and costume. I have a fun photo shoot idea for my kids tomorrow- we will see if they cooperate. :)