Johanson Journey: {ABC’s}

I am not sure where to give credit for the idea of doing an ABC’s list on the blog as it has been done in many places and I thought it would be cute to put on here to share with you. 

A} Age:   I am 34yrs young
B} Bed Size:  We have a King Sized bed
C} Chore you dislike:  dishes are the worst!
D} Dogs: We have a golden retriever, Mackie Mae
mackie mae
E} Essential start to your day: I do my best to pretend to be awake as early as 5:15 and I pretend to get in the shower, get dressed and everything while I lay in bed until 6 when Erik finally decides to get out of bed and start the morning.  I could get a lot done in my ‘pretend to get ready’ time.  Pretending involves staying in bed and laying very still with my eyes closed. 
F} Favorite Colors: I think like taste buds, I change every few years on my favorites and it really depends on the way colors will be used.  Red is a top favorite but I have very little red anywhere in my wardrobe or my home.  I wear a lot of black and my house is rich woods and creams with hints of blues.  I guess I am accepting of all colors, depending on the mood and place.
G} Gold or Silver:  I have never found that Gold looks good on me so I am hands down a silver fan.  I am also not a fan of the bright yellow gold's.  I do however love WHITE gold!
H} Height: 5’4
I} Instruments you play (past/present): I played the flute when I was in elementary school but somewhere along the way, I lost interest and while I don’t have any desire to play the flute, I do wish I could remember how to read music.
J} Job Title: Senior Planner for Extended Life Products
K} Kids: Ryan who is turning 5 years old this month, Reese who is 2 and Rayne who will be 1 as of tomorrow, the 14th! Today marks the first day they are all officially sitting forward together in their car seats!
L} Live: I live in McKinney, Texas now.  I have lived in Louisiana & Alaska growing up too.
M} Mom’s name: Her name is Lynn.  I have a step mother who passed away back in 2005, her name was Robin and someday I”ll have to explain my family dynamic because now I have 2 step mom’s named Kaye & Patricia.  Its not a polygamy issue, I can assure you.
N} Nicknames: Pup is one I have had since I was a youngster, and more recently I am Babe & Mommy.
O} Over night hospital stays: I have only ever stayed over night when I had each of my babies.  I can’t recall any other overnight stays {thankfully}
P} Pet Peeves: Noises….. repetitive noises.  I am sure I have others but this really drives me nuts.  I would liken it to Chinese water torture for my ears. I can hear an ant cough, so I’m super sensitive. 
Q} Quote from a Movie: “Son your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash” From Top Gun.  I loved Tom Cruise in this movie and ever since I saw it, that line stuck out in my head and is first to come to mind. 

R} Righty or Lefty: Right
S} Siblings: none, but I do have a few step siblings.  Jason & Ryan (brothers) and Haley (sister)
T} Time you wake up: As you may have read above in my {E} answer, I am mentally awake at 5:15 but my body wakes up at about 6am.
U} URL favorite these days:

V} Vegetables you don’t like: I’m quite picky.. its easier to tell you what I like- potatoes,carrots,peas,green beans, corn and that about sums it up.
W} What makes you run late: the common denominator of what makes me late is ME.  I can’t get anywhere on time.
X} Xenodochial - hospitable; kindly to strangers (this X word was originally X-ray so I changed it to teach you a word that begins with X)

Y} Yesterday memory: seems like yesterday that Rayne was born and tomorrow we are celebrating her 1st birthday! I cannot believe its happened so fast!
Z} Zoo Animal Favorite: Giraffe comes in first and close second are all cats! 
Lets get to know you! What are your ABC’s? 

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Anonymous said...

I love that picture of you and Mackie!! And happy birthday to Rayne tomorrow!!! Unbelievable that its already been a year.

I busted out laughing when you said, 'It's not a polygamy issue, I can assure you.' :o) Funny!!!

Jessica McCoy said...

"I can hear an ant cough" HAHA! Adam is the same way ... except when it comes to hearing something I said. :)

Love your ABCs, I'm gonna have to do this on my blog!

Emmy said...

Loved this! We are pretty much the same height! I am 5'4 1/2" though I always just claim 5'5" since Eric is so tall :) I have a hard time getting up before 6:00- it just seems wrong.

I play the flute :)

Anonymous said...

I love your answers :D White gold is by far my favorite when it comes to jewelry - I look horrible in gold too.
Happy early birthday to Rayne!
Etsy is too addicting haha! I can't stay off of it when I have money.
I love giraffes too :D

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Rayne! I can't believe it's been a year :)

I love the photo of all the kids, beautiful.

Sweet Bella Roos said...

Cute idea! I am listing my ABC's today!