11 year old author

I was out mowing the yard the other day which is very therapeutic for me.  I love vacuuming too but that is a whole separate blog post.  I was deep in thought about writing a story and dare I say a book.  It got me to thinking back to my childhood.  My Dad was going through some boxes and found where the 11year old me wrote a "book".  I was passionate about it and thought it was SO good that I needed to send it off to be published.  I think I envisioned a book with a lot of illustrations and by reading the story, I figured the publishing company would throw illustrators my way to format the cutest book and become a top seller.  Please take a moment to read my first attempts at being a writer. 

I am pretty sure my world fell into a thousand pieces when I received the letter from the publishing company but they were so gentle in their response and gave me hope that someone else might appreciate my work.

I am very thankful that I had supportive parents at the time that encouraged me to try and see what happens. I am also very thankful that the publishing company didn't ignore my attempts and gave me a respectful letter. Reading it almost exactly 23 years later, I sort of cringe to think I really thought it was going to be a BOOK, but a girl can dream.  I hope my kids can use this example as a reason to give it a try no matter what the outcome and keep trying.

 I also read the story and remember that time of my childhood when I was in love with the name Amy and hoped to have a little girl some day to name Amy..... and my favorite meal EVER is still turkey, peas and mashed potatoes!

So, if I were to write a story, I would hate to have it rejected by an actual author... so I thought about writing my chapters in my blog and it can be my own personal book.  As a reader of my blog, would you want to see a chapter by chapter post or a brand new blog to read it?  

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Anonymous said...

I think that is so cool that you sent that in to get published! The response from the publisher was very kind, which is super nice. It would be great for you to pursue writing and give it another go :D

Durante said...

I think it's awesome! My oldest is almost 11, and he hasn't written anything like this.

I'd love to see you write on your blog something you'd like to have published. That's how 50 shades of grey turned into a book... and I have no doubt you'd be a better writer.

Kristi Kelly said...

That is awesome friend!!! I would expect nothing less from you than to send it to a publishing company!!! You go big or go home:). I love how passionate you are about everything and everyone in your life!!! What a fun blogpos to read!

Nicole said...

My opinion for what it's worth, why create a new blog...? Here works just great for me :) but it's your decision obviously, let us know!

Mrs. Match said...

I think it's so awesome that you sent in your cute story. I love that you're not afraid to put yourself out there.

Yes, please post chapters. I'd love to read them!!

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

Publishing is a rough business. One of my best friends is an author and most days she seems pretty miserable about her prospects.

Anonymous said...

Your parents were pretty awesome to support you like that with your writing! Even though you got rejection letter, how many kids do you think got a personal letter from a publishing company as a kid?! That's pretty neat!

I would love it if you posted chapters for a book on here! I'd do it on your regular blog instead of starting a new one so that more people would see it. I once followed a blog that did that - once a week she'd post a new chapter to a fictional story. I was really disappointed when it was over!

Jessica McCoy said...

That is so awesome that they sent you back a letter! It's great that you still have them too!

I would like to read chapters here on your blog. I think too many blogs get lost in the mix of things and by posting them here you already have readers to read it. :)