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For those of you who frequent my blog have probably noticed I created a menu option on the top right for {SHOP}.  Originally my dream was to have my own shop online and while that is still a dream of mine, I decided to make it a place where you can see where I like to shop with quick links to check them out yourself.  One of the places listed (they are in no particular order) is Very Jane.  They send daily emails and have some pretty cute items pop up that I have pounced on!  

One day there was a hot deal from Bubblegum Backdrops and I was sold.  I bought 4 of them with plans to share them with my favorite photographer Dc Imaginations when she needed them.  So, I practiced with the kiddo's using the chevron backdrop.  With my phone I did a little bit of editing but really love the outcome!  It makes me wish I had a chevron painted wall! 

Outfits above were gifts from my Aunt Gloria courtsey of Mud Pie

I wanted to add this cute pic I took of Rayne in her little tu-tu.  I got this in the mail as a surprise gift from fellow blog pal Dategirl Diaries {LOVE IT} and even though I couldn't get a smile, the shot turned out perfect to showcase the cute tutu and my baby girl.  It was an early birthday gift as DateGirl shares the same birthday with Rayne! Cool, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I would totally love to have my own online shop, too bad I don't feel like I am crafty enough to make anything cool :( Haha.. but if you ever need a partner in crime ;D
Love the idea of sharing your favorite places to shop!

Anonymous said...

One day your own shop will be featured there!!

Do you know how hard it would be to paint your wall like that?! It would take forever, but it would be seriously amazing!

becca said...

my mom just opened her own etsy shop a few days ago so i how you get yours soon. love all these pictures and the outfits so adorable

Anne said...

Nice post :D
Your blog is very good!
Would you like to follow eachother?


Nicole said...

How did you do the hearts in that last photo? Super cute!

Jill said...

I wish I was crafty enough - or less lazy - to start up an online shop! There just never seems to be enough time. I looove to shop...and now that I'm getting my head above water with my finances, I'm looking forward to doing more shopping! haha!!
As always - your kiddos are ADORABLE!!!

Jessica McCoy said...

I'm really loving that chevron pattern. Especially the Grey and White! I've also seen a pink & white that was very pretty!

Love the tutu!! And Ryan's spiderman costume!!!

Mrs. Match said...

:-) she is just rockin that tutu. <3

Love the backdrop-and your kids look so darn cute!!

Emmy said...

That tutu is so so cute!! And yes that is a fun background. I couldn't imagine taking the time to paint an entire wall like that, I would definitely have to hire someone to do it.

Emmy said...
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Cherished Bliss said...

ok, these are too cute! I might need to get a few of these : )