1st Step to Getting in Shape

I know most of us have gone through that phase of laziness and the mere idea of lifting a finger sounds exhausting.  I could be speaking for myself, but after a full week of work, being mom, wife and pet owner, sometimes the last thing I want to do is work out or get in shape.

Every Monday and Wednesday we have been taking Ryan to karate.  He's doing so awesome and really enjoying the skills he is learning and meeting new people.  He's worked his way up to his yellow belt or gold belt, I'm not quite sure I know the difference but he's advancing, let's just say that.  We're so proud.   

At the end of each class they make announcements about upcoming events and new things happening within their company.  They said they were starting a kickboxing class on the same nights as Ryan's karate but at 8:15pm.  I started to think this might actually work out for me! Its a good time of the day when the kids are winding down, at least Rayne is down by now and I could actually manage going to this class.  I was hesitant to sign up with a commitment so they let me come and try it for the 1st time for free.  I couldn't talk any of my family or friends to go with me which is probably a good thing to prevent embarrassment if I couldn't make it through the full time.  

My first time to the class had 2 other women that were a tad older than me.  I was coming in at the 2nd week of the class and one of the women warned-- "I hope you took pain medicine before coming because you are going to be sore!"  GRRRRRRRRREAT! I thought!  I can't even run to the mailbox without getting winded!  

The instructor turned the air off in the class as he started us out running around the mat for about 3 minutes to warm up.  I almost threw up and could see my eyesight start to black out a few times but I was trying to make it through, after all I was the youngest in the class and didn't to appear TOO weak.  I am proud to announce that I survived.  I had sweat dripping off me in places I didn't know existed and felt like my face was on fire but I was proud of myself.  The temporary feeling that I thought I was going to die was replaced with-- -"Hey, this is fun!"
My follow up days were also fun and I actually felt good when I left and even though I was sore, I still wanted to go back for more.  I called on my Step-Mom, Kaye to join me because I really thought it was "THAT FUN" and she agreed and enjoyed it.  I also talked my coworker into coming with me and she loved it too!  Neither of them have signed up with me.. yet.  But I have felt pretty good that I'm sticking to it! I even signed on the dotted line to be enrolled.
I had a minor set back with a pulled hamstring and then I got sick and total I got behind 3 classes.  This time off actually worked out in my benefit because my last class, I got stuck 'grapling' with my classmates husband.  He has very bony shins and we got into a kicking war and my shins were pretty bruised up.  

So, I am ready to go back to class last night.... feeling good.  Our instructor gives us some warm ups and a few new combinations and then matches us up with partners.  I've never fought this particular gal and honestly, I am not really FIGHTING... just making the movements and practicing.  
and then.... she punched me!  In the face!  WHAT!?  She says "Get your gaurds up!"
Okay! Okay!  Gosh, I didnt' think we were being serious here.  We take a break and start again and BAM! She clocks me again across my nose!  SHAKA LACKA!  That one hurt.  
I'm not gonna lie.... when she and the instructor asked me if I was okay, I was actually crying inside... but I told them I was fine and kept going.

I had no idea this was going to be so hard core.  I really was signing up for a work out and to get in shape with a little bit of cardio.  But the gloves are off now (or on) and now its war!

Have you tried kick boxing?  Yikes!  I'm in for a real treat.  This girly girl is about to become the next Rocky or Jean Claude Van Damme!
{cue song Eye of the Tiger}

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becca said...

sounds fun I would love to take a class but have no one to drive me

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome that you started up kick boxing! I am pretty envious, I wish I could afford some kick boxing classes :D I hope you keep it up and have a fantastic time!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! That is some hardcore stuff, Janette! In a couple months you're going to be a hot, tough, booty-kickin' chica! More power to ya! I would never survive in an environment like that. After the punch to the nose, I'd have been out the door! :o)

Gauger Family said...

Holy cow! That sounds intense. What about a nice yoga class??? Ha! I think you look great! Good for you though- maybe soon you'll be the one clocking those "older" people :)

Krista said...

That sounds like fun! And a great work out! Go hot momma and kick some ass!

Jessica McCoy said...

You are awesome for taking kickboxing!! I could NOT handle getting punched in the face!! OUCH!

Mrs. Match said...

When you told me you were taking kickboxing, I thought you meant just the cardio where you follow the instructor. I didn't realize you'd be sparring! Good for you! You're kicking ass. I'm so sorry you got punched. But just wait til you get to where you're the one doing the punching! You go rockstar!