When I was a kid...

I am an only child.
I had what I like to call 'over-protective' parents.
I was your typical teenager who wanted to be with her friends and be apart of the cool kids.
On weekends when I got to go out, or during summers, I always had a curfew.  
I recall going to prom as a sophomore to another guys school where he was a senior and I had to be home by 12:00-midnight.  I was so embarrassed at that age having to tell my friends that I had to go home.  I'll never forget that night.  We had to pick each of the dates up individually as we had rented a limo to take us to dinner and to the dance.  Each house we had to all get out and take pictures which took a while.  By the time we got to dinner it was about 8-9pm and once our party of 12 ordered, ate, and had their bill taken care of, it was nearly 10:30.  I had just enough time to scurry off to the dance, get my 1 dance and then get rushed home to make it home for my curfew.  I can't recall when the dance was over but I felt horrible that I was the reason my date had to leave and miss most of his prom.  

Fast forward to my 1st year of college when I still had a curfew.  I was living about 5 hours away from my family on my own but when I came home, I had to be home by midnight.  I always thought it was so unfair.  I felt like an adult living on my own at college and came home to feeling like I was still in high school.  

My Dad and I had a deep conversation one afternoon during one of my college visits home.  I declared that when I had children, I would give them free reign.  My Dad quickly ran to get his video recorder to capture this all for the future.  I was animated and certain that I would not impose a silly curfew!  I would trust them to let me know where they were and just trust they were safe.   Thankfully this video is lost in a pile of boxes, hopefully unlabeled as he has sworn to show this video to my husband and my children when they are of relevant age to hear it.
So now I am a 30-something mother of 3.  A son and two daughters who I can only imagine what life will be like when they are teenagers giving me the same excuses I used when I was their age.  

It is now and maybe even a little earlier that I have realized the fear and emotions that comes over a parent to be 'over-protecting' of their children.  You hear what is going on in the world and want to protect every precious day you have together.  I'm happy to admit that I now get it.  

The whole Batman Shooting has really disturbed me.  My heart aches for the families and for the people who survived that have to remember that night forever.  I am not saying that one event in our everyday life has changed my opinion but it certainly has made me more aware of why my Dad always said that nothing good ever happens after mid-night.  I'm sure many people are re-evaluating their plans and I do realize that dangerous things can happen at anytime, in any place.  I do not want to live my life in fear or teach my children to be afraid, but I do have a better understanding of why curfews are set and as silly as they are and as "uncool" as I felt as a kid-- I'm glad I grew up in a safe place and can pass on my stories and experience to helpfully mold my children into great parents someday too.

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Anonymous said...

I totally understand what your saying. I had a super early curfew when I was a teen too and always said I wouldn't do that to my kids.

I understand now why parents set curfews.

Nicole said...

I am an only child as well. I totally get what you are saying and I remember when I had that ahha moment in my life with my parents and curfews. I had to be home by 10 though, with few exceptions... and if I was running late, if at least I would call I would save my butt from being grounded!

Jill said...

I know what you're saying too - I had overprotective parents, I never did anything wild as a teen...and hearing about the Batman shooting has left me rattled. Going to the movies is one of my favourite things to do, and it makes me SO mad that now I won't even feel safe in the theatre. I went to my first midnight premiere in the fall, and I don't know if I'll ever go to one again. I hate how something like this steals just a little bit more of our innocence... :(

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

I never had a curfew growing up but I had a healthy respect for dangers that could happen. Maybe I was a little more anxious about it than most kids my age.

I hope that I can teach my daughter how to be open, friendly and trusting while still being on the lookout for trouble.

Mrs. Match said...

Yup-my parents were the same with a curfew and fairly strict rules. The worst was they let my brother do a lot more because in their words, "he's a boy, it's different." Sooo lame. But I suppose we are the gentler sex aren't we? I hope to be more equal with my kids, but I will probably be strict. With what I've been through, I'm probably going to have to really fight the urge to wrap them in bubble wrap for most of their childhoods!!

becca said...

well said

Emmy said...

How did you still have a curfew in college? Or how did they enforce that?

But yes- as parents sometimes we are going to have to be the bad guys but it i so worth it to protect our kids and help them grow up right

Anonymous said...

There is so much I could say about this post since I grew up in much the same way with strict, overprotective parents, but what I really want to tell you is that it's unacceptable that you haven't posted in over a week. I miss you!!!!