Tid Bits & Mommy Moments

Tid Bits: 
* If you haven't heard, I've started a new blog with two fab ladies (Mrs. Match &  Mrs. Bliss) called The Red Carpet Ladies.... you know what I love about that Blog name is that you can shorten it and just call it the {RCL}.  Sounds so cool!! Anyway, so say that I 'm excited about this endeavor is an understatement.  Please check it out and enter to win this Awesome Vera Bradley bag!!  I can't give away insider secrets but let me just say-- ITS WORTH following and checking back often!

*Emmy over at EmmyMom Blog and I are admitting our addition to Instagram and have gone so far as to hook up with some PhotoADay Challenges.  FatMumSlim is responsible for this addiction as she creates these fantastic daily challenges.  If you have not become an addict, I recommend you start now.  We decided to throw a meme together to give you a chance to share them with us!  So next week (after the month is officially over)- on Monday 7/2 we will be showing you our month of June's instragram photoaday pictures and putting a link so you can link your post.  If you participated in the Photoaday, blog about it and join in the fun. Emmy even made a little button you can add to your post. 

Also, did you know you can link up your actual Instagram Feeds?  This is an option if you want to send us directly to your feed. They are free & easy and give you a link that you can link up with!  For example, mine is:  http://web.stagram.com/n/johanson52607/  
Here are the places you can pick from.  I used Webstagram.
Followgram | Ink361 | Webstagram | Gramfeed | Extragram 
If you haven't been 100% on track, don't worry, just a great reason to share your pictures!

Now on to Mommy Moments... You may recall my post from Monday with a photo prop craft for the 4th! 
I was only able to get Rayne in the picture for my post, but ultimately wanted to get all 3 together for a family shot. So, I got them dressed and ready and went out for a fun 4th inspired picture.  Let the fun begin.  Three children, taking pictures, mosquitos, starring off into space, biting, punching,crawling... are just a few short thoughts that come to mind as I tried so hard to get the BEST one.  Through all of the chaos, I'm just thankful my kids love each other and are willing to let me dress them up and take pictures!  

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becca said...

love the american theme of the picture and still love the bag

Emmy said...

Yea!! Always a very good proud moment when you can get adorable pictures of not just one but all three kids! Not an easy task at all.
Thanks for linking up!

Stacie said...

You did a great job with the photos!

Anonymous said...

Rayne expression in that last photo kills me! What a little cutie!

You guys must be spending a lot of time in the sun! You're all so tan and blonde! Can you tell I'm jealous over here? :o)

Mason's Mama said...

Oh my word!!!!!!!!!! Love that last picture. PERFECT!!

Anonymous said...
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Mrs. Match said...

So precious! Love the photos. Ha, that last one Rayne is showing our shared dislike of the colors red, white and blue combined. Hehehe.
I wish I had instagram...sigh. I may have to play along and do a recap at the end of the month with all the photos. :-)

Audra @ Once a Mom Always a Cook said...

They are so stinkin cute! I wish we could have a real life play date!