Smore's Pop

I did it!  I completed a goal and it feels so good!! Last Friday, I found a post from Six Sisters for a cute Smore's Pop idea for the summer.  It was so good I could almost taste it so I had to push myself to give it a try.    For ya'll who know me- you know I do not cook and if I do, I'm on a mission to find the easiest way to do it and still have something great in the end.

Johanson Journey's Smore's Pop Recipe

*Large Marshmallows
*Dolci Chocolate morsels
*Graham Crackers

First I put the Dolci Chocolate in the microwave to heat per the instructions on the side of the package.
Then I lined my counter with parchment paper and added 3 marshmallows per skewer.

I laid out about 3 graham crackers and thought- gosh, how the heck can I break these up without creating a huge mess!? 

Ziplock came to the rescue and I smashed up tiny pieces and left some chunkier pieces too. 

Since this was my first time, I really wasn't sure the best way to get the chocolate on the mallows, so I just dunked it in and swirled it through the chocolate to coat it.  (Note to self:  find a better way because you get about 6 layers of chocolate when you really only need 1) 

I sprinkled the graham crackers on and am sure I would have been able to roll the pop but as you saw above, I had so much chocolate that it was too heavy to roll and still look half decent.

I now present my smore's pop`~ Johanson Style! 

There is always a taste tester available in my house and I knew exactly who to go to for this one! Reese is my chocolate lover!  It was a success once she realized it was not poop on a stick which my son kept saying. 

It was an absolute mess but totally worth it and it was YUMMY! 
Glad I tried!
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Cherished Bliss said...

These look delicious!

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

It looks like something fun to do with kids once you figure it all out. Just do it on a day where you're feeling mellow about the mess:)

Anonymous said...

That made me hungry :)

Date Girl said...

That looks so good, but oh my gosh mess! You're a brave soul to give Reese that treat indoors!!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

You Totally Did it Mom! Good job!!! These look super great!! And yep- she approves! :)

becca said...

you go girl you did it and YUM how good were those pops

Bridget said...

Looks yummy and fun!!

Stacie said...

Yum! and you have to love boys and their poop jokes!

Anonymous said...

Girl, you can never have too much chocolate! That looks delicious!!! Definitely not poop on a stick. ;o) Boys are hilarious!!!

Emmy said...

Mmmm I want it!

Impulsive Addict said...

This looks amazing! If I made them, I would eat all of them and that just can't happen!