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Welcome back friends!  I am always eager to see what you have found out there in the world to share! 
The 4th of July is right around the corner.  So, for the 4th of July, I will be taking the day off as I am sure many of you will be doing also.  I hope to see some Patriotic finds this time around and I’ll see you back on the 11th!

I want to remind you that a Pinterest Board has been created specifically to show off your find!  Take a minute to check out what is already there and the rest of my boards!

*I am only pinning links that link back to me.  Ultimately, I am looking for you to help spread the word about my party so I can spread the word in return.

Last weeks top click was Jessica’s post sharing the Nest’s top 15 things to do before you have kids!

Place I’m in love with now that you MUST check out, especially now because there is a
 hot giveaway happening:
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Two Easy Rules! I’m sharing your ideas, thoughts and deals!
Lets get started… First
Easy 2 step rules…
1} Link people back to SUYF with my sassy button … the more ideas & great deals we can find, the better!!! Please help spread the word for this great link up!
2} Link up your post showcasing your favorite find!!
Was it a project you tried or favorite place to buy treats from?  SHOW US!
There’s no end to what kind of great things are out there.  It can be a past or present post but please link back to your specific post
(makes it easier for me to pin you too!)

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Date Girl said...

Yes, the RCL has some pretty awesome stuff going on!

Red, white and blue, my favorite colors. ;-)

I've got a great find this week, but you already know all about it. :-)

Andrea Yeaple said...

Thanks for hosting! Am now following! Would you mind following me back?

Heather said...

Thanks so much for hosting the fun Janette! Am following your RCL blog too! Exciting stuff! Heather :)

becca said...

that is the cutest family picture ever love it

Emmy said...

That belly picture is funny! And look at all those links! Awesome job girl