Rockin' the Beach Bag

Not too long ago, I ran across a deal that was too good to pass up and I see it happening again today!  I figured I'd take this moment to share and maybe send you off to get yours!  Just think of the possibilities!! Birthday gifts, Christmas, or just for YOU! The deal ends on Saturday!  I get nothing for telling you about this deal.  I just know from first hand experience that they are GREAT bags! If you aren't signed up for their daily emails, you're missing out!


VERY JANE is the spot to get this deal and if you miss it, you can always check in with the boutique selling them at Star Designs Studio!

And if you are wondering what shirt I'm wearing, its from Barn Owl Primatives!
 I won it off of Instagram *follow me @Johanson52607*
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Barn Owl Primitives said...
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Barn Owl Primitives said...

those bags are so cute! off to check them out now!

and so happy that you like your t-shirt! Thanks for the shout out! xo - kristi

Stacie said...

I may just end up with one of those beach bags!

Anonymous said...

I love the pink beach bag! I am going to have to check them out :)
Thanks for sharing!!

Jules said...

I am FINALLY stopping by to check out your sorry it has taken me awhile. All of the Texas Bloggers ladies have given me so much to explore. I love seeing everyone's blogs. I am your newest follower and look forward to following your blog journey. Have a great weekend!!!


Date Girl said...

Those bags are HUGE! I could definitely see them being handy when you have kids and all their schtuff to schlup to the beach. I could probably fit in one. In fact, when we meet up, let's try k? :-)

Kim @ The Sasse Life said...

I found your blog because Ashley from Cherished Bliss told me that you were going to the Dallas BBC. I'm also going. I live in Addison and I'm a HUGE Steelers fan! Hope we will run into each other there.

New follower,

Emmy said...

Oh I want that beach bag! I just have this ugly yellow-mesh one that I got from walmart several years ago.