Karate Belt Memory Marker

My son Ryan is almost 5 and in that amount of time, we have tried many different sports to see what peeks his interest.  We've done soccer, t-ball, gymnastics, swimming and now we are into karate.  I am hopeful that this one lasts because it is the first sport I have seen him really get excited about attending.  There are so many positive gains from taking karate that helps to build confidence and overall safety teachings.  Ryan is still very new and is on his first belt.  He has had to learn that in order to advance to the next belt, you have to EARN IT.  I love this!! With each stripe, up to 6 on his white belt, he will be eligible for a belt test and advance to the next level belt.  I got to thinking of a way to remember these stripes and moments and thought it was a perfect excuse to get crafty!  Let me show you!

On our first visit to karate, the Master invited new kids out to break boards.  Ryan thought this was pretty cool and Reese even had a chance to break some.  They gave us the broken boards to take home and I was so close to throwing them away but decided to hang on to them-- and I'm glad I did.

Below you will see my supplies:
Ryan's belt as inspiration
White Spray paint to go with my white belt theme
Broken board pieces from class
Various colors of electrical tape to coordinate with the class
Later you'll see that I also had pictures I used for the end result & modge podge.

First up, I laid out all of the broken wood pieces and spray painted them all white.  Pardon the fuzzy shot and disaster in the background. 

I decided to only spray paint the top and randomly sprayed the sides to keep them somewhat rustic/natural. 
 On the thinnest pieces, I took the tape colors to match what he had on his belt.  I can add to it as he earns his stripes going forward. As of now we are lacking the white & green stripes.

Here is where I printed off some pictures
(taken and edited with my iphone) and the infamous modge podge.
I cut the pictures out and added a layer of modge on top and bottom of the pictures on individual broken pieces. 

It was late when I was capturing the results and found my kitchen floor to be the best spot.
The idea is that the broken boards set side by side would ultimately become his white belt.  Each piece would hold a memory from his white belt days and this will be hung in his room where hopefully we will have a wall of karate pride and display his accomplishments. 
 Erik happened to walk in while I was taking the pictures and suggested that we lay the boards out a different way to mirror the belt tied and here's how it looks laying them out this way.

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Four Marrs and One Venus said...

So super Cute girl! Love this- what a great way to display all his hard work!!

becca said...

what a great idea and cute

Stacie said...

Ryan will be so excited to see new colors added! Very cute!

Emmy said...

That is so creative! And how fun that you made it from the board he broke. That is seriously cool.

Glad you found something he likes

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

That is so clever!!