Instagram craze!

I wake up each day and check my challenge to prepare for seeking out the perfect photo opportunity to share with my Instagram friends.  Erik asks me, “Are you going to be taking pictures every day for the rest of our lives?!”  I respond, “Of course!”  I’ve always loved pictures and Instagram has given me more of a reason to take them and any challenge is worth trying.   I started to follow @Fatmumslim and have joined in the monthly picture sharing.  Do you instragram?   If you do and don't follow me I am @Johanson52607.  If you do instragram you may have seen some of the Photoaday challenges.  I’m okay with telling you that I’m not 100% on my A-Game all the time.  No one judges you for that.  So, lets recap on some of my favorites.. {not all of these are from the challenge but just a variety of pictures I’ve taken with instagram}

Next month Emmy of Emmy Mom blog and I are going to be posting our photos again like this from the June Challenge and are going to add a linky as we would love to see all of your pics!  Its not too late to get started and as you can see above—you can still do it, even if you don’t do it everyday!! 

PS.  Wonder what you can do with your instagram pictures?  It’s a growing trend!! Find 10 new ways to play with your instagram pictures HERE!!! I’ve got to remember to try some of these ideas!

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