Hello June 2012

 Summer is in full effect around these parts of Texas.  School is out, the sun is shining and the kids need entertainment!  Some days I wish I didn't have to work so that I could have a summer to play and be a kid again!  So today's post is inspired by my inner kid and things that I think would be cool to have or do for the summer!  Here are some pics of my kiddos startin' the summer off right!

First up,  June's Photo A Day Challenge!! There are several variations of these challenges! I am just happy for the days I can part-take and have accepted that I might not get to each one but that's part of the challenge--- just try.  
I LOVE this fun furniture to dress up your backyard and relax! Super Cute right!?!?!?  I found it through Joss & Main so go sign up for their updates to see cool sales like this!  I bet some of you crafty momma's out there could hand make these for your yard! I double dog dare ya!

Oooh, then you could build a fun lil' campfire found at the Six Sister's Blog or a fun fire pit outside and have some hotdogs or burgers- maybe even dessert!

Surround your self with these sassy lil' candle lights at Joss & Main too!

Of course all of this is after you have had some outdoor laughs and splash time....
and a great game of Twister found at Sassy Style Blog
The fun shouldn't end there--- these look like the best way to wrap up a summer day!  I'm all about chocolate!
Smores Pops from the Six Sister's who also shared some great ideas if you want more to check out!

Happy June!!
My Goals:
*Try to feel like a kid again!
*I've got something up my sleeve {HINT} for something fun coming
*Enjoy the little things
*Get inspired to do more crafts and post about them!
{I've gotta write these down to stay accountable}
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Cheryl Enlow said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE THE NEW LOOK! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

That Twister game is downright awesome!!! I'm totally doing that one!!!

I love following your instagram photos! I feel like I get to know you and the kids so well through all those pictures!

Anonymous said...

I still can't get over how much I love your new blog design!

Thanks for sharing all those super fun things to do for the Summer! The Twister game looks so fun :) I haven't played that in ages.

I'm dying to know what's up your sleeve..

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Date Girl said...

Those smores pops look amazing! I will stay far far away. That twister game looks like so much fun. What a cool idea!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Such a nice Summer Post! Your kiddos are the cutest! Lots of smiles going on over there-- love it!

Stephanie McCall said...

love the new looks! and those lanterns from joss and main? I die.

Stacie said...

Looks like the younguns' have the hang of this summer thing!

Morena Hockley said...

I didn't know you were in Texas, too! I am just outside San Antonio.

Anonymous said...

Loving all your pics! I really want to try that smores marshmallow pops, yum!

Emmy said...

Oh to feel like a kid again is such a good goal as sometimes even when I play with my kids I don't just release and let go