Father’s day Washi tape style

I’ve longed for the day when I had an idea that would involve lots of washi tape and finally found it!  Let’s get started so you can hurry and get your supplies to do this too!!

First up, stop at your local Michaels, JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby for some letters you like.  I wanted some basic, ‘manly’ letters if that makes any sense.
photo (31)
Then, I checked out my washi tape supply to find some of the plaids and stripes for Dad!
photo (29)
I added a few more later realizing that even though I had a good assortment, I would still need to spice it up a bit.  Reese helped when she wasn’t pulling of yards of tape at a time or wrapping her ankle with her favorite colors.  My washi tape came from various locations, the ones pictured above are mostly from my Target supply. 
I think the random layering look turned out well… what do you think?
photo (30)
They really ‘pop’ and look much more fun than plain ole’ white letters—not that white letters are bad.  So—without ruining my plans for this project… I ran into a neighbor who was looking for an idea for her husband for Father’s Day.  I told her to come by with her son Evan and I would take care of the rest!
Now all she has to do is send it to her local Walgreen’s and have a cute canvas made for a quick turn around and voila! A cute picture for Dad to hang in his office at work!

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Stacie said...

Very cute! I knew you'd be able to put all of that washi to use!

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome idea! Your letters turned out too cute :) I haven't used washi tape yet, but I am excited to! I was going to do something similar to that for father's day, but I was going to take a picture of my little guy holding each letter and put it in a 3-picture picture frame.

Jessica said...

Such a great idea!!! Love it!! :)

Cherished Bliss said...

these are so adorable! : ) Such a great gift!!

becca said...

so cute

Anonymous said...

Way to cute and simple! Something I can do :)

Pippi21 said...

Did I miss some instructions details in your post? How did you make the perfect letters before you covered them with Washi tape? Did you purchase the letters at craft store already made up then cover them? Or did you use a stencil and cut them out yourself? I have a lot of notebooks(spiral type)where I have used to jot notes while browsing on the many blogs that I follow and Pinterest, I'd like to decorate their front and back covers so it will be easy to identify which one is used for what category such as decorating, gardening, DIY project ideas,etc.