10 Things to Smile About

EmmyMom hosts a monthly link up to share 10 Things that made you smile which I think is a fabulous way to encourage happiness as you look in your rearview mirror.  Join me as I recall the 10 Things that made me smile from April!
1} Easter was a big hit and we had a blast with family in our own little Easter egg hunt at our house!
2} Ryan started soccer with a friend he has known since he was 12 weeks old! They are starting Karate together for the month of May!

3} My Dad found a picture of me that looks a lot like how Reese looks right now.  My kids have always had strong resemblance to their Daddy so it was refreshing to see my kiddo's look like me!

4} My long time friend Kristi had her birthday and it gave me an excuse to use some of my craft supplies to dress her gift in style!

5} While some were celebrating birthdays, a dear blog friend was losing someone very close to her... her baby girl and while it was a tragic and sad situation, it made me smile that so many friends came together to help brighten her world. <--Click to see her story.

6} I found some of the cutest shoes for Reese.  I wish I had this kind of luck in finding shoes for me!

7}  This is my Grand Father, aka.  POPOP.  I am smiling because he is doing better.  He has Throat Cancer and surgery is inevitable.  Before they can perform surgery, they had to get clearance from his cardiologist who found 3 major blockages in his arteries giving him only 45% function.  He had 3 stints put in last week and is doing much better.  He has to unfortunately suffer over the next 4-6 weeks with his throat until his heart heals so that he can be strong enough to withstand the throat surgery.  I'll go into more of this later, but right now, I'm just happy he can breath better and is home.
8} As I mentioned above with the soccer comment with Ryan, he also has started Karate.  We went to an open house and he was a bit shy... but my little Reese has no fear and they let her partake in the events too!
9}  I am pretty excited to have my SHOW US YOUR FIND Pinterest page grow with fabulous ideas and finds from those who are linking up with me.  I feel like this makes my link party rather unique because it doesn't just stop at linking up on a blog- you are actually shared with everyone in the pinterest world!
10} I got an email, YAY!!!! from the Designer Blogs letting me know that I'm up for my blog make over!! Biting my nails with excitement and can't wait to see how things look soon!!
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Emmy said...

Yea! Great list! Thank you so so much for linking up! How exciting you are up for your redesign! Can't wait to see how it looks.

Those shoes are so so cute. And yes, your gift to DateGirl was awesome.

Nadine Hightower said...

Those are the cutest shoes!!! so big girl!

I took your advice and sent my kinky lemonade to the company!! I need you to do me a favor... follow the link in my blog and like the drink of the month post. And let's see how it turned out!

I love that your pinterest is growing. Woo Hoo!!!

becca said...

great list and omg what cute shoes you found for Renee

Impulsive Addict said...

You have a fabulous list!! Yes, I looked for those adorable shoes for Emma but had no luck. =(

I will say a prayer for Popop. Poor guy. It makes me sad.

Yay for your linky party! How exciting!!! I still suck at blogging. =\

Stacie said...

Love your list, but not the news about Popop, hope he gets to feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I'd say April was a pretty awesome month for you! I can't wait to see what your new blog design looks like!

I really hope your Popop heals and comes through surgery just fine. I'm really sorry he's sick. I hate that for you.

I think your linky party is really unique, too! The fact that people get exposure on Pinterest is a great reason to join in! :o)

Date Girl said...

*Squeeze* It makes me happy to see all the love and support for my little family.

Oh my goodness look at little Reese kick some board butt! She's so cute.

Aww PopPop-he's as sweet as I pictured him to be when you told me about him.

I'm happy to see the pinterest page growing. I promise I will add to those finds soon. I'm back and I'm ready to craft!