What have Glamour Shots done for you?

Most of us can probably dig up old photos of that super fun day when you found out you were getting Glamour Shots!  I felt like taking a light hearted turn to link up with the Talk To Us gals, Impulsive Addict & Seriously Shawn

The Ellen Degeneres Show has been getting people to send in their pictures… I’d be too scared to hear what she might say about mine.  It is pretty amazing how great we thought we looked getting our hair frizzed out and held our heads at such strange tilts!  Do your photos look like these? 

I can remember clearly how cool I thought it was to go get all of this make up on and wear these random tops with props… this was what I found from my 90’s Glamour Shots- I know there were more but I’m sure I gave them away to everyone I knew at the time.  Do kids still give each other their school pictures?  I have a photo album of those that I collected over the years…..
photo (46)
I almost had this one ripped in half but saved it for some reason.  Who knew they were still in business!?  Well I do actually because I walked past a store about 6 years ago and they were advertising that you could bring your pet in and get photos with them—Please note: Mackie has been powdered up and her fur was blown with an extra frizzy style!  She was working the camera like a true Golden model!  I thought this would be fun to do (no, I don’t know why) to give to Erik when we were first dating.  They have improved “some” but I still think there are a few pics that Ellen Degeneres could show and have the crowd in tears with laughter.
photo (58)photo (59)photo (60)photo (61)photo (62)

Lets see your Glamed up Glamour Shots!! Don’t be shy! We all have our fair share of embarrassing moments right?  Have a great Tuesday!! Don’t forget tomorrow is SHOW US YOUR FIND!!

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Stacie said...

Sadly, I have no Glamour Shots to share...but this also means that you all have less material to bribe me with!

I can just feel your crunchy hair from here! I remember spraying my wings and then blow drying them so they looked just right! Ah, the memories....

Stacy Uncorked said...

I had Glamour Shots done in the 90's...I'm sure I still have them somewhere... ;) Yours turned out way better, though! :)

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Anonymous said...

OMG this is funny!!!!! Your shot from the 90's kills me!!! :o) And I think it's hysterical that you got ones with your puppy! :o)

Unfortunately I have no Glamour Shots to share. :o( The only person I ever knew to have them taken was my cousin who used them for modeling headshots. Myself and all my friends were stuck with the dorky ones you get in school.

Jessica said...

I always wanted a Glamour Shot done but was never able to. They were SO cool back in the day! No I'm kind of thankful I don't have that to add to my photo embarrassments! My school pictures were horrible enough. My mom would fix my hair just like hers ... you know the Tx poof on top? Horrible!

Love your pics though!!

What's up with the lady in the bondage outfit HAHAH!

Emmy said...

Your shot from the 90's looks way better than most people's Glamor shots you actually like good for a Glamor Shot :)

I never got glamor shots done! How sad huh? I don't know if kids still exchange pictures anymore- but totally did when I was in school

VandyJ said...

I did a Glamour Shots type thing once and still have the pictures floating around somewhere. I might have to dig them out. My hair didn't go poofy/frizzy big but was done spiral curls. I might share next week.

jennykate77 said...

OMG. I wish I would have known. I have some seriously embarrassing Glamour Shots.

Yours are adorable!

Nadine Hightower said...

Mine are actually good! I had a friend that has her glamour shot taking in the 90's poster size and carries it with her on her phone NOW!!! It looks like that granny in red.

Impulsive Addict said...

Look at you all beautiful and shiz. I looked like a crack whore. Whatever. I'm so glad we could make each other laugh this weekend! Now, I wonder if Boobies will be posting hers! LOL!

Thanks for linking up!

PS. I can't believe they powdered up your pup! That's crazy!!! HAHAHHAHAHA!

Beth said...

My mom never let me get Glamour Shots. When I was 13, I thought that was totally mean and unfair. Now I think she was trying to save me from future embarrassment....yours are adorable, though! :)

Connie Weiss said...

I didn't get Glamour Shots because by then I was a poor working girl married to a garbage collector and didn't have the money for such things!

becca said...

OMG remember Glamour shots

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Look at you Miss Hottie w/ the Glamour Shots!! Love it lady!

Date Girl said...

hahahahah! Oh J, these are amazing. I was having a sad moment and your post totally cheered me up. I just love the unnatural poses. Like the one with your feet in the cowboy hat. Who would do that naturally? LOL!!
LOVE the 90s glamour shot. I remember being so jealous of the girls who had those, and sad that my mom would never let me get mine done.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had some glamour shots to share! Yours are too cute!!

Cherished Bliss said...

I never had glamor shots... I was deprived. I used to have this bitterness towards my parents because they got this HUGE picture of my sister from glamor shots and they would never take me... probably because my sister cried afterwards. Anyways, I was a super jealous little girl (we were 9 years apart).. I wanted to be JUST.LIKE.HER!