Photo Challenge Accepted

I love pictures and seem to always come across a Monthly Photo Challenge half way through and feel weird about getting such a late start.  I was excited with Paper Coterie put an April Challenge on their blog! 

Do you want to join with me!?  My plan is to post them here, perhaps as a group of shots rather than a daily thing since I will be connecting my pictures through
Twitter, Instagram & Facebook..  (are you following me there yet!?)

I’m getting so excited for Easter that I feel like I am 6yr old waiting for the Easter Bunny to come visit me!! I think I’m mostly excited because Erik will finally be home and we’ve gotta make this holiday count because the next big one isn’t until Thanksgiving or at least it seems like it based on my Holiday paid days off! 

{Day 1:  My Home}
I call this my first grown up house because when we moved in, it felt like home and a place I could see our children growing up in!!  We were famous for about 2 minutes when a
CNN Money Writer asked for us to tell about our experience buying a new home….. so cool!
New Image
{Day 2: My Handwriting}
Some days I love my hand writing and other days I feel like the computer keyboard has ruined me.  I must admit I get writers cramp a lot faster now than when I was used to writing all the time for school.
New Image1
Hope your week gets off to a great start!!

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becca said...

have fun with the photo challenge i would join but i'm already doing the A to Z challenge

Anonymous said...

Those photo challenges look like fun, but I know what would happen - I'd do it for about 2-3 days and then forget for so long that it would be silly to pick it back up again! ;o)

I love your handwriting! And your home!!! And spring is my favorite season, too!

Anonymous said...

I love photo challenges. I can't wait to see all your photo's.

Sarah said...

I love this! I am going to maybe "steal" it for my blog, too!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm doing a photo challenge, too! They are so fun :) I always have a blast with them.. especially when I am being creative haha.

Gorgeous home! & I love your handwriting! Looking forward to more pictures!

Date Girl said...

Oh this is SO cool! I'm definitely joining you. I love your handwriting. I'm still so happy I got to see it first hand from your awesome card and giftie! :-)

You were interviewed by CNN money?? How freaking cool is that? And your house is amazing!!

Connie Weiss said...

My photo challenge last month pooped out about half way through.

I had right all of my lists! Love your handwriting!

Shawn said...

OH I can so do this as long as I can do a week at a time, maybe every Wednesday, there never seems to be anything to blog about on Wednesdays.

Your house is beautiful and as soon as you open the doors I'm sure it's a home, there's a difference ya know!

Emmy said...

Your home looks beautiful! I want to see interior shots. And looks like a fun photo challenge.

Anonymous said...

Love your home..and your handwriting. (Especially when it's in my mailbox!) Love you!

Liberty said...

I totally kept up with Jan and Feb but fizzled out in March. I was going to pick up in April again, but I haven't. I suck. :(

Jessica said...

I think your home is BEAUTIFUL!! Your handwriting is as well. Sometimes I like mine but sometimes it's just very sloppy lol.