Challenge Updates

There is a Give Away going on for Erin Condren!! Click the photo to go sign up!! {please}

I'm also linking up today with Seriously Shawn & Impulsive Addict to give you all some updates on my April Photo Challenge---
WAIT!!!   Did you go sign up for my give away?  Do that first..... okay, moving on.

I am pretty darn proud of myself for sticking with this challenge and have Paper Coterie to thank as well as Instagram {are you following me there?}
So lets get caught up!
{Day 3}  My Smile.  I find nothing worse than being caught in a candid shot without a smile so this is what I would like to call my quick shot smile!
{Day 4} My Reflection: I took this while looking into hard drive disk's-- you know the ones that run your computer?  I have them as deco in my office at work!
{Day 5} My Favorite Shoes:  I love each of these shoes and have never worn the leopard heals EVER because I have never found the right outfit- but all of the others are worn pretty often! Say hello to Bandolini, Bongo, Yellow Box & Fergalicious.
{Day 6} My morning:  This is generally what I see when I am driving to work each day-- criss cross art of airplanes playing in the sky and the sun beaming in my eyes.
{Day 7} My Town:  This is downtown McKinney Square.  You'll find fun antique shops and great places to eat!
{Day 8} My Sunday:  This was taken on Easter Sunday and this is a great way to show you all what I did with my wooden pallet!! 
(Day 9} My True Love:  How could I leave out any one of these amazing people (fur babe included)! 

{Day 10} My transportation:  This would be my Ford Expedition and sometimes it just doesn't feel big enough!
It is not too late to start your challenge.. I won't tell if you are just now getting started!
Please don't forget my Giveaway for Erin Condren & come back tomorrow to SHOW US YOUR FIND!

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Anonymous said...

I love all your photos.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that I win that giveaway :)

Jessica said...

I love seeing all your photos from the challenge!!! I'm not even gonna pretend to jump on that band wagon because you know how horrible I am at taking pictures!! haha.

Stacie said...

Love what you did with the pallet! And I adore flip flops!

Connie Weiss said...

I have been to downtown McKinney Square and I loved it so much I wanted to marry it!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's more awesome - that you decorate with hard drive discs or that you name your shoes. ;o) You're a cool chick!!!

Jill said...

Great photos! If I ever get Instagram, I hope to take part in a photo challenge someday :)

Stacy Uncorked said...

I LOVE all the pictures! And I especially love that you decorate your office with hard drive disks and you have the cutest shoes! And smile - and creativity. :)

RTT Rebel Badges, Easter Spoilage, Bear Basket Transformation, Regal Dentist Dude

becca said...

love the photos

Emmy said...

Your pallet background really is so cute. Instagram is so fun! I really hope FB doesn't screw it up since they bought it. Loving all these pictures

Impulsive Addict said...

You're so precious and adorable! I love what you did with the pallet. I've been stalking you on instagram. All your pics are always so cute!

Thanks for linking up with us! We heart your guts!

Date Girl said...

I love your photos, especially the reflection shot. That's so cool!!

I'm doing the challenge still-I've got mine scheduled for this Friday. :-) It's been a fun challenge so far.

Hey-our cars sort of match. Match just got us a white Jeep Grand Cherokee. I'm so in love with it! Biggest vehicle I've ever had (though not as big as yours I don't think). I love being high up!

Shawn said...

I love all of your pictures!

If you're not going to wear those hot leopard shoes please send them to me, you have the address, hopefully you're a size 9 too! They will look awesome with a pair of jeans and a red top!

Thanks for linking up and for sharing your cuteness with us!