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I'll be guest posting over with Janel @ Hating Martha visit me there!

Hi all!
Janel here
My blog is crafting, DIY, recipes, and random stuff.
It's fun and laughter.
And lot's of things that aren't quite perfect.
That's the point!
Stop over and see me when you can!
I am so happy to be here and chat with you all.
You seem like a dandy bunch!
I was asked 5 questions that I
diligently answered.
Cause I like to talk about myself :).
Well, talking in general...
The 5 questions.
1. Your favorite Post and why?
My favorite post isn't even mine.
It's my son, Levi's.
He spent a morning trying to hypnotize a chicken
and wrote a post about it for my blog.
Well, he told me what to write, where to put in punctuation,
when to hit enter...everything.
And he is funny! of the best posts...ever!
How to Hypnotize a Levi!
2. Your favorite go-to blogger for answering questions and bouncing ideas off of?
Okay, I don't think this question is fair.
It's kind of like asking which of my kids I love most.
Not. Right.
But...I will say two of my greatest bloggy friends that I
chat with daily
sometimes about blogging,
mostly not

Gwen from The Bold Abode

The Bold Abode
and Bliss from BlissRanch

These two ladies are funny,
and my personal friends.
And darn good bloggers too!

3. Your #1 go to source for ideas, fun tips, etc?
I know that most people use Pinterest.
I do too.
But, I am still a magazine girl.
I love them.
I rip out pages and put them on my
chicken wire inspiration wall.
I also have note after note
on my computer.
When an idea comes...I make a note
for later.
I often do them.
4. Your favorite online store or sponsor?
I had to think about this.
I don't buy much for projects online.
I have to see it.
But, I love World Market to buy.
Restoration Hardware to look.
Anthropologie to steal ideas.
and Uncommon Goods for fun.
Like this...
5. Your favorite craft that you want to share?
My favorite craft?
Often, I have a craft that is sooo awesome in real life
but doesn't translate in picture.
This wasn't one of them :).
These Jelly Toast Coasters
are so much fun!
They were easy, cheap
and we still love them!

That's it!
My questions are done.
My time is up!
Thank you so much for having me here!
Stop by and see me soon!
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Stacie said...

Ooohhh, I am with Janel, I love tearing ideas out of magazines and filing them for use later! Heading over to visit Janel's blog now!

Anonymous said...

What a great guest post! Going over to check out Janel's blog now.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I finish leaving this comment, I'm about to learn how to hypnotize a chicken. ;o) And check out Uncommon Goods. Awesome post, Janel!

Bliss said...

That darn Janell just keeps turning me on to new wonderful blogs, so happy to stop here at the Johanson Journey. And don't you think every family should have a chicken hypnotist? .... because you never know when you might come face to face with the chicken of doom.


4you-withlove said...

Janel, I'm a tactile person as well...I love reading a book, getting inspiration from magazines!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Yo Yo Yo Janel is in the HOUSE! Whoop Whoop! I loved reading your answers this is too fun! World market- get out, I LOVE that place!! So many fun little off the wall items! Way to work the post - loved it! Jen

Emmy said...

Those coasters are so cute! There is something so awesome about crafting magazines.