Show Us Your Find

Welcome to another fun week!!! 

Until everyone gets more familiar with my link party, I want to remind you that a Pinterest Board has been created specifically to show off your find!  Take a minute to check out what is already there and the rest of my boards!

Last week’s top find was…
Stacie’s St. Patricks Day Treats! She has great ideas so you should show her some love!

And I will also be adding….. of the posts that link up with me..
the top pin was: 
Date Girl Diaries
Nursery Mural.. her lil’ Roo is already getting spoiled!

So I hope you can see this is not just another link party!!! I’m sharing your ideas, thoughts and deals!

Lets get started… First
Easy 2 step rules…
Link people back to SUYF with my sassy button
… the more ideas & great deals we can find, the better!!! Please help spread the word for this great link up!
2} Link up your post showcasing your favorite find!!
Was it a project you tried or favorite place to buy treats from?     SHOW US!!
There’s no end to what kind of great things are out there.  It can be a past or present post but please link back to your specific post
(makes it easier for me to pin you too!)

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Anonymous said...

How cute is that St. Patricks Day treats!

Anonymous said...

Stacie's were the best last week! Those little treat bags were so creative!

Date Girl did an awesome job on that mural, too! I wish i were artistic like that.

Connie Weiss said...

I love the St. Pat's Candy craft!

And that tree mural is fantastic!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Cute Treats!! Thanks for the Party Janette! Can't wait to see all the link ups! I gotcha my baked potato soup- it's pretty darn tasty! You will love it!

Date Girl said...

awww NO WAY!! That's so awesome. That just made my day! :-) I'm glad everyone likes the mural. I'm so in love with it.

I want to eat those little rainbow treats. They look amazing.

Nadine Hightower said...

I wanted to play along this week but the rains in Oklahoma really messed with my internet! I left the day open and everything!Next week for sure!!

Emmy said...

That mural is so cute. I had a mural in Alex's room-- but we moved of course and had to paint over it