This post is Rated E for Easter, all audiences are welcome!
I have scoured the earth for a cute Spring Wreath that just SCREAMS Easter, with no luck.  I tell ya, there’s never a shortage of Christmas wreaths but I’m seriously not able to find any, at least any as cute as what I’m about to share!  I am so bad and am not 100% sure where to give credit but I want to say Jaimelyn over at I {heart}nap time blog inspired me for this one with a post of hers I cannot locate (if you find it, let me know and I’ll give credit).  I tried to add my own personal twist.
Feel free to copy or create your own fun Peep Show Wreath!
My supplies include:  Burlap ribbon (for lack of knowing the exact term), a Styrofoam wreath, Peeps, glue gun, straight pins, card stock, vinyl, bakers twine & grass *not all shown here*
I wrapped the wreath around with the burlap ribbon until I couldn’t see the green anymore and hot glued it down to get it nice & secure.  The trick to getting the peeps in line was to literally pull them out and leave them stuck together.  They were also glued down with hot glue.  Not to worry- it does stick and they harden after a while!
Next up after adding the yellow peeps around—I asked some friends on Facebook & Twitter for some thoughts and a suggestion came through for adding grass.  At first I was going to get the crazy grass that you see in baskets but thought it might get messy—so then I found this stuff called Bunny Plastic Grass and pinned it behind each of the birds! 
I was so excited to have a reason to whip out my Silhouette to make a banner and letters to say Happy Easter!! I used my
Pick Your Plum vinyl for the letters & the bakers twine to create the string for the banner.  I also felt a lil more color and friends would complete my creation!! HAPPY EASTER!! 
IMG_2152 IMG_2153  IMG_2163 IMG_2156 IMG_2157 IMG_2155IMG_2154IMG_2158 
IMG_2161 IMG_2162
Its a wreath ALMOST worth eating! Happy Spring!!  I am linking my crafty fun with:
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becca said...

love this my problem would be that the peeps would never have survived to be turned into art

Stacie said...

This is super cute! Have the kids tried to eat any of the Peeps yet?

And where did you get your burlap roll? I have been looking for some to do a wreath of my own and didn't know where to look.

Anonymous said...

I stand by my comment earlier that you're the craftiest person I know! This looks awesome! I love the addition of the grass, and the extra "friends". It's perfect! Now you just gotta hope no one walks by and bites all their heads off. :o)

Anonymous said...

What a genius wreath! So adorable, great job! Now lets just hope that none of the peeps get eaten :)

Connie Weiss said...

That is seriously cute.....but I'd be walking by and taking a bite of the wreath all the time!

Stacy Uncorked said...

This is awesome! But like the others, I'd probably end up with a half-eaten wreath. ;)

The Lorax Fun, Jack Giambalvo Hyundai FAIL, GCB WINS

Jessica said...

This is the most Eastery wreath I have ever seen!! Love it!!! Love the little banner too!! Cute cute cute!!

Dollie @ Dollie Creates said...

This is super adorable! I love the different colored peeps and banner on the inside.
Hope you're having a great day!

Impulsive Addict said...

Look at you getting on cute and crafty for Easter! You inspire me! I'm not a fan of peeps so there would be no chance of me eating it which is good news, right?

LOVE IT! I hope you pinned it.

Thanks for linking up my friend! xoxo

Anonymous said...

That is just way too cute! Plus made me hungry for some peeps :)

Emmy said...

Okay that is so stinkin cute!!! Love love it! Everything you added is perfect. So creative.

Katie Goldsworthy said...

Super cute peeps wreath! I love the little banner and grass! Thanks for linking it up!

Following you now :)

@ Creatively Living

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

This is the cutest Peep Show if I ever did see one!!! Love it Janette! Great great job girl!

Heather said...

Don't you just LOVE crafting with candy!?! I LOVE it! I am your newest follower! Please follow me back if you like what you see.

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh!! This is the cutest wreath! My Charlie would LOVE this!