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As you are all aware, there has been a link party happening for the month of February called Show US Your Plum.  You may even recall this awesome button we created for the party. 

The idea was simple…. inviting people to link up
to show US a Pick Your Plum inspired post using their products.  My hope was to get a bunch of AWESOME ideas and to showcase Pick Your Plum for those who had never heard of them before.  The plan was to team up with PYP and make this a partnership for hosting all amazing things related to them.  It saddens me to say that the partner part of the party did not work out but the good news is that we had over 50 people enter their ideas & for that I am THANKFUL!! I still will have a button to link to them over on my side bar if you want to check them out!

I’ve taken a few days, okay weeks off from blogging regularly and trying to think how to move forward on this…… sounds silly to take a time out for something like this but when I find something I am passionate about, I go 110% into it and I lost a little bit of my fire when it didn’t pan out like I had hoped.

So what now!?!?!  I do not want this to end!

I am opening the party up to include so much more!!  We all have found great sites online, through other blogs, Etsy, daily deal sites and so much more.  Why limit it to just ONE company or idea? 
love button 1

EVERY WEDNESDAY, CHECK BACK for a link party hosted by yours truly.  My rules are super easy:

1.  Link people back to Moi with my sassy button
… the more ideas & great deals we can find, the better!!!
2.  Link up your post showcasing your favorite find!!
Was it a project you tried or favorite place to buy treats from?  SHOW US!!
There’s no end to what kind of great things are out there. 
I’ll be creating a PINTEREST BOARD to feature favorite link up posts to give more people visibility of YOU and your inspirations!!


STARTS 3.7.12

In other news---- today is The Seuss’ birthday!!  Pardon the poor quality of pictures that were taken with my phone…. this just shows more and more that I need a new phone!
I googled ideas for ways to bring this day to my family…..
First, I found cute pictures of Cat In The Hat Inspired Snacks with Marshmallows and fruit roll ups on a stick that I made for the kids classes!  I only wish the fruit roll ups were as thick around as the marshmallows when I put it together.
photo (33)
Then I found cute Thing 1, 2 & 3 images that I created iron on’s for each of the kiddo’s to wear today!
photo (32)
I wish I could find the tutorial site to give the credit for these hats- but basically got knit hats from Hobby Lobby and blue boas and hot glued them around to make blue hair hats!
photo (31)
Again, sorry for the less than stellar quality of pictures.. I have shaky hands and my kids are always on the move!!  
Say hello to Things 1-2 & 3!
photo (26)photo (27)photo (30)

In real life blogger friend Krista from Powered By Mom Spit got in on this with me…. her daughter J is in the same class with Reese and she is a Thing 1 (not trying to offend but this is a Dr. Suess day, so “Thing” is okay to say)… and Reese is of course Thing 2 in our house—but in their class, they can be Thing 1 & Thing 2, so I gave her the iron on and the hat instructions…. lucky for her… J was willing to wear the hat to school…. These photo’s are taken BEFORE the girls have had their breakfast so I think that would explain the sad lil’ faces.
photo (28)photo (29)
Fox in Socks is my favorite Dr. Seuss book! What’s yours!?

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Date Girl said...

Oh my gosh you are such a FUN mom!!! I love that you had a Dr. Seuss party. Look at those cute little Things, hehehe.

Green Eggs & Ham was my favorite story growing up. I also like Horton Hears a Who. I can't wait to read Dr. Seuss to my baby!

Stacie said...

Sorry the whole PYP thing didn't pan out, but this sounds like a great idea, I'll definitely be thinking of things that I can link up!

Anonymous said...

Those outfits crack me up!!! :o) You are so creative with all of your Dr Seuss inspired ideas!

I am so excited to see The Lorax!!! That is my favorite of his books - I hope the movie does it justice!

Jessica said...

So sorry about the whole PYP thing. They are really losing out without your awesome ideas!!

Love the Dr Suess theme day!! I loved all of his books as a kid. We saw the Lorax this weekend and it was SO CUTE!!

Emmy said...

So so fun that you did a Suess day.

And I won't be able to link up tomorrow, it's Eric's bday so have a special post planned for that-- but will definitely link up in the future!!

Liberty said...

Great idea my friend!!! I really REALLY liked your outfits and snack. I am WAY impressed!