And so it begins.  Each year the Army calls upon my husband to go to annual training or AT and it is usually a 2 week training away from home.  Normally he would be attending but this year he is going for 3 weeks for part of his E6 Staff Sergeant school.  I said THREE WEEKS PEOPLE!  So…. its times like this when taking pictures and sending them as text messages really comes in handy!!

It all started Friday… I stayed up late making adorable St. Patrick’s Day snacks for the kiddo’s to take to school for their friends.  This idea came from my ole Swap partner and friend Stacie.  She linked up to my Wednesday party and had me hooked from the start!! Cute eh?

photo (18)
I also had both of the girls toes painted for the occasion!
photo (2)
I have a spot checker on my hands!! I just finished cleaning my windows with YET ANOTHER idea from Stacie (above) and used Newspaper for that shine…. Reese was pretty sure it wouldn’t stay clean for long!!
photo (1)
The weather was over-cast all weekend and those are perfect days for pictures outside!!
photo (3)photo (4) 
Aunt Tanya came by and we headed up to the Trade Days Market..but on the way I realized…. My Check Engine light is one! This is becoming a habit for me and my cars!!

photo (5) 
We literally blew through the shopping because it was closing soon… but had to stop on Doggy Lane where there are plenty of ADORABLE PUPPIES begging to come home… like her….
photo (6) photo (7)
There are some great wood pieces there and we tested them out as well as just stopping for a good ole fashion picture!
photo (16)photo (17)
Then!!! I found Reba’s family here in Texas!! I am sure my dear blog pal Sarah Kate has wondered where her chicken’s folks were!
photo (8)
We got some pizza and smores pizza pie for dessert--- thank goodness this girl loves chocolate!!
photo (9)
We played Dress up!  I’ve been tasked to locate super hero dress up since I was more stocked with girly stuff…
photo (10)photo (11)
Then to wrap up the weekend right, we had some Strawberry shortcake!
photo (12)photo (13)photo (14)
Finally… a lil’ video… I love her voice!!

Hope your weekend was fun!! Keep your eye out for something good to share on Wednesday!! Tomorrow I”ll show you what I’ve found!

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Stacie said...

I have been caught totally off guard by this early warm weather and need to try your toneail painting trick ASAP. I'm not flip flop ready!!

Love that pic of Reese at the window! and you must have some strong willpower if you left that puppy at the store, too cute!

Anonymous said...

I'll tell Reba her relatives are alive and well! Although, I'll leave out the part about them living in cages... ;o) Did I tell you the 4-H switched our chicks from little Truvy's to little Reba's? We bring them home today!!!

Who needs to clean windows when you've got Reese to do it for you?

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

Aww it sounds like you had a great weekend, even if it was without your hubby. I hate when mine has to go out of town too.

Anonymous said...

What a fun and exciting weekend! I love your St. Patrick's day decorations, super cute! I am so excited to start going all out on holidays for my little guy.

How sweet of Reese to make sure you got the windows cleaned right ;)

Love the green toenails! & Of course your adorable pictures!

Anonymous said...

Send little miss over, would ya? My windows are needing some attention.

It was moms like you that I loved during the holidays. They made school fun.

Dollie @ Dollie Creates said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Hopefully you'll hubby will be home soon :)

Only time I have to worry about little kids hands and mouths on the windows is when my nephew visits (my niece is still too small :) ) I usually just have to worry about puppy art all over mine. Atleast they keep you on your toes huh?

Those puppies look soo cute!!

Check Engine lights stay on in our cars, no idea why but I've gotten to where I ignore them (Used to totally freak out by them)

Hope you are having a great day!!

becca said...

what a great weekend

momto8 said...

looks pretty fun around there!

Jessica said...

I love your day in pictures!!

Sorry about Erik being gone for so long! Hopefully the days will fly by!! HUGS!