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First order of Business!!!
We are a day late in making this fantastic announcement!!! Thank you to all of those who joined the SHOW US YOUR PLUM link party for the month of February!! We had over 50 entries and some awesome ideas using Pick your Plum products!!  We have chosen a winner to receive a PLUM BOX full of goodies and the winner is...... {insert drum roll}
Menu Board
The link party for Show us your Plum has evolved and opened up to so much more!! 
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and SHOW US YOUR FIND every Wednesday!!
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Other happy stuff......
This gives me reason to link up with Emmy for Proud Mommy Moments..
1st:  This lil' love bug has cut through the gums and now has 2 pearly white's coming in!!
2nd..Ryan is really loving his Karate class at school!! I got a report back that he is one of the best behaved in the class!!  This warms my heart because I haven't had a chance to go see yet.
3rd... Do you see these two cute babies?  This was taken when Ryan was 4 months old and Addison was 6 months old...
They see each other randomly through the years and it just makes me so happy to see how sweet they are with each other!! Look at this bond!!

What's making your proud or happy today!?  Link up with Emmy and share!! You can still link up your Finds for Show US Your Find located HERE!

Cute lil' video I wanted to share too!! (hope you can see it)

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Four Marrs and One Venus said...

OK- That "bond"-- watch out for those 2 mama! ;) Super cute!! Loved this post , it made me smile!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, look how cute they are! I promise to link up with Show us your find next week, I was going to post yesterday but some stomach bug hit me hard yesterday.

becca said...

how cute are those two together simply adorable and that video totally made my day had me grinning

Anonymous said...

How sweet is that picture?? I bet he felt like Captain America!! :)

Glad he is enjoying his karate class and doing so well. GO, Ryan!

Jessica said...

I love how Ryan has his hand on the back of her chair and her sweet face!! So cute!!

Congrats to Liberty Original for winning the box of goodies!! :)

Emmy said...

Yea!! Thanks for linking up. That picture is too cute- she adores him! And babies are so cute when they just have a couple teeth.

Emmy said...

You never added your link yet, do you need me to?

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! That menu board was one of my favorites that got linked up!

Those pictures of Ryan and addison are so sweet! How special that they have such a close bond! Is that normal for this age? I thought at that point girls still had cooties, right? Is Addison exempt?

Impulsive Addict said...

WHat? I didn't win a box full of stuff that will make me be creative? Crap. Well, at least Liberty won it. She'll make good use out of it because she's a little crafty girl!

Look at those cutie patooties! I love that! Is Addison a cousin or a friend?

I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend!! xoxo

Liberty said...

Yay!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! Thank you a million times over. :). Your kids are sooooo stinking cute that I find myself looking forward to you posting pictures of them. :). I can't believe Rayne has teeth... Aren't you still pg or did you just have her like yesterday?

Date Girl said...

No WAY is Rayne old enough for teeth! Where did the time go?!
Aww I love seeing little boys in their karate gis. Glad he's enjoying it!

Kmama said...

That's awesome that Ryan is so well behaved!! I would be super proud too!

Thanks for linking up!