10 Things to Smile About!

I’m linking up with my good blog pal Emmy for her monthly 10 Things to Smile About party!! What’s got you smiling? You should share it with Emmy, I bet it will make her smile!!

My March Smiles include but are not limited to……

{1} I finally got Ryan signed up for soccer and he was more excited than I’ve ever seen him.  He bit his nails the entire time but he had a blast and that makes any mom proud enough to smile!

{2}  I’ve entered my 3rd week of my very own Link party and each week gets better!! I’m super happy and hope to see it grow!  Pass the word, would ya?

{3}  In addition to all of the fun websites and pinterest and facebook.. I have found some fun apps!! This one below is called MaskingTape and looks like this below….. It’s a washi tape app!! Seriously, a washi tape lover’s favorite thing!! I added a gathered ribbon washi tape to my already edited picture with another app and then put “Love of my Life” across it!  So fun!!
maskingtapephoto (47)

{4}  Rayne turned 6 months old on the 14th and has 2 teeth and a smile that makes me melt!

{5}  Every morning when I get ready, we go get the kiddo’s and bring them to our bed to “snooze” and I love how snuggled up they are!!

{6} As hard as we try to get the kids to look at the camera all together, it still makes me smile just seeing them in pictures.  No doubts that I attempted everything to get everyone to look straight and smile… but no avail…. still cute!

{7} These two adore each other and it shows… tell me that didn’t make ya smile!

{8}  Seeing Erik with the kids and how good he is with them makes me smile on my face and I’m pretty sure it makes my heart smile too!

{9}  Erincondren.com
Give Away coming- so excited- SMILING!

{10}  It probably seems silly but I’m excited about getting this…it’s a wooden pallet I got from work that I plan to use for an Easter idea!!  Stay tuned!! Some of my smiles carry over into April!!

{11}  one to grow on, right?  I’m smiling because May is getting closer which means I get a new blog make over!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!

Did I make you smile?  What makes you smile!! Don’t forget to share with Emmy!!

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Anonymous said...

This totally made ME smile!!! You have got the sweetest, most loving family. That makes me so happy! I love the pictures of the kids in your bed. What a sweet way to wake up in the morning! :o)

I'm getting excited for your giveaway!!! I've seen her stuff and I love it!!!

Erika . . . with a K said...

You have beautiful kids.... a lot to be happy about!! I love the picture of the three of them not looking at the camera!

Krista said...

I love your family. Those babies of yours are precious! And them all sleeping at the same time? Together? Amazing!

ALMOST makes me ready to have another....almost... :)

Anonymous said...

That's great Ryan really enjoys soccer! It is definitely nice having the kids into sports - a great way to get them out of the house!
Your little girl is so adorable, and getting so big!
It is very rare when I can get a picture of all three of my boys with them all looking at the camera. I agree that it is fun to look through the pictures though. Kids are so fun!
I'm excited to see what you are doing with the pallet!
I just gave my blog a makeover for spring cleaning :D

Stacie said...

That pic of your kids where you are trying to get them to look at yu is hilarious! They are all in various states of "Whatever, Mom!"

I love giveaways!

And I think instead of saying "Oh, my word" anymore when I get exasperated, I will just say "Oh, my washi"--it is just such a fun word!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

You got a smile outta me! Those kiddos are so so cute! And I am so happy your linky party is taking off- you are awesome girl!! Giveaway- hello! :) Thanks for sharing this sweet post- loved it!!

becca said...

love the pic of the kids looking everywhere but at the camers guess that tells us how interesting we are as adults

Emmy said...

Oh wood pallets are exciting! So many possibilities. All the kids in the bed is so sweet! Love love it!
And glad Ryan is liking soccer.

And how in the world is Rayne 6 months old already?? Wow, it goes fast

Love your list, thank you so much for linking up

Date Girl said...

Oooh I've seen so many pallet ideas on pinterest. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

I love pictures where the kids are looking every which way. It cracks me up and captures their energy! I still can't believe Rayne is 6 months old. I don't like it..it means I'm halfway to 29. Sloooowwww downnnn. ;-) Then again it means I'm just that much closer to meeting my lil Roo!

Devon Riesenberg said...

Love your blog! happy to have connected with you on the bloggosphere :)

thanks for the twitter follow too!

Liberty said...

I'm smiling. :)) LOVE seeing all the pictures of your adorable family!