Swap Envy

I am not shy, I’ll admit I have had my share of swaps gone bad…. promises to be friends for ever and packages are sent, thank you’s are exchanged and things tend to fizzle.  I knew that my gals Seriously Shawn & Impulsive Addict would do me right and pair me up with a good blog friend that will last!  I was right!!
There is so much pressure on getting the right thing and making sure it will be something your swap partner will love.  Lucky for me, my swap partner was already a blog I followed and loved. 
She has the best tips, yummy recipes, and a sense of humor that is right up my alley!!  Shopping for her was too easy but there is still always a sense of fear and doubt… so stop by and see what I got her!!
A package arrived.  Excitement!!!  Let’s begin with Show & Tell!!!  If you are wondering if I got spoiled, the answer is YES.

  IMG_1806 IMG_1807
Adorable black and grey bag which I plan to use to carry my lap top… its light weight and goes with everything I wear!!  Gifts inside are for me and those lil’ lovely gifts outside are for my sweet kiddos!!! TOO KIND!!!
The first question when opening anything in my house, “Is that for me!?” so I was really glad to say—YES!! Ryan proudly got bubbles!!
Reese got a Twinkle Twinkle book with a follow along CD!
Rayne even got her own fun book that she LOVES by the way- the crinkle books are the most amazing books for babies her age!!
IMG_1977 IMG_1978
The fun did not stop there for my sweet offspring.  I stepped away from the box and was getting something from the kitchen and when I went to check… here is what I found:
IMG_1838 IMG_1828 IMG_1830 IMG_1831
The look on Reese’s face was what made this all okay- it was an easy sweep and I knew they loved every second of it!  Who knew peanut or ghost pooh diving could be so fun!!
IMG_1833 On to the good stuff!!!! It began with sweet chocolate and yummy gum!! Perfect for my sweet tooth & Reese’s too….
An adorable frame that I quickly printed a picture of Reese and inserted because it was just too cute!! Emmy over at Emmy Mom Blog edited a picture of Reese so I am show casing a black & white of it in this awesome frame!!
These aren’t the best pictures to showcase… but I have a SASSY grey and black with hints of silver scarf on… in case you were wondering—Stacie is the one who got me started on scarf’s to begin with!! Adorable hoop earrings that seriously go with everything I wear… and a cute pink polish on my nails!!
IMG_1979 IMG_1982 
This was the fastest drying polish I’ve ever used so I grabbed Reese and painted her’s too.. She was SOO proud!!! Matchin’ her Momma!!
IMG_1987  IMG_1989
Stacie also gave me the hook up on a lil addiction I call STARBUCKS, some minty lip balm which I was in dire need of anyway…. a fun craft idea which I think I”m saving to do for Reese’s 2nd Birthday party to make pinwheels and a sweet lil’ notebook for all my lil’ reminders!!
Many Thanks to Stacie & to IA & Shawn for setting up this great swap!!! Had a blast & can’t wait to do this again!!  I’m linking this up with their Talk to Us Tuesday link up as well!! You can share anything, no rules!!! Even if its not about your swap!!

There is a party going on linking up your favorite Pick Your Plum inspired posts! Stop by and Show US Your Plum HERE for the whole month of February!  A winner will be selected for best idea to receive a Plum Box!

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Anonymous said...

The pictures in the packing peanuts crack me up!!! :o)

You got some really great stuff!!! So glad you had a good swap! I went and checked out the stuff you gave Stacie, too! you're such a great gift-giver!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet that your swap partner sent presents for the kiddos too! You got some awesome stuff! I love the picture frame, so cute.

I love that kids can have the most fun with the most simple things. Great pictures!

Jill said...

Looks like that swap package was fun for the whole family! haha!! Great pictures!! And what a nice box of loot from Stacie! I really do have swap envy! lol!

Jessica said...

Great swap!!! I loved the one swap that I did but I always have that fear of not getting enough or the right kind of stuff. I'm not a good present buyer!

Love the pics of Ryan & Reese playing in the peanuts. The simplest things are the best!!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Isn't it funny how packing peanuts tend to have that magnetic quality (figuratively and literally) to kids - those pictures of your kids ghost poo dive bombing are priceless!

You made out like a bandit, too! I think it's funny you two bought the exact same earrings for each other - that's a definite sign of a lasting friendship! ;)

Random Ponder, Seeking an Antidote for an Anecdote, Naptime Interruptus, Impulsive Swap

Carrie's Rambles said...

Wow! Awesome Swap!
I love the pics of the kiddos and the ghost pooh!

I am Harriet said...

What's with kids and packing stuff anyway. I love the nails :)

Have a great RTT

becca said...

you know it's an awesome gift when kids have just as much fun with the packing peanuts as the actual gift. you totally scored.

jennykate77 said...

LOVE love love it all!! That picture frame is GORG!!! I need that for my house! I'll have to go make Stacie tell me where she bought it. The Starbucks VIA is a total win! And that EOS lip balm is my fav...in my purse as we speak...or type or whatev.

I saw what you sent her...you guys did good! You both got awesome stuff! Swap match made in heaven! :)

Hope you're having a good week!

jennykate77 said...

Oh, and OF COURSE the box and peanuts would be the big hit! LOL. Kids always love what the gift comes in more than the gift. Michael and I used to say all the time when Isaiah was little..."we shoulda just bought him a box."

Anonymous said...

Your loot was so good that I could even (almost) forgive my kids for going crazy with the packaging peanuts! ;)

Awesome stuff....you're gorgeous, as always!

Impulsive Addict said...

Awww....you two did SUCH a good job for each other! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture frame! I've never seen one like that! She was so thoughtful to include some gifts for the littles. That always warms my heart. I have purchased 3 of those EOS chapstick things and I haven't used one for myself YET but I plan on it. They just look fun and come in yummy flavors. You are rockin' that scarf and sassy nail polish. Quick drying? What's the brand? Emma needs some of that. She's too quick for me sometimes. I usually have to use the blow dryer or they get messed up before we're done painting!

Thanks for swapping with us and for linking up! If I knew you already followed each other, I wouldn't have paired you two together but I'm glad I did. =) xoxo

Date Girl said...

I LOVE that she got your kiddos all something. That's so sweet. Little Reese is so cute matching her momma with the nails. Love that color! I need fast drying nail polish. I get way too impatient.
Can't wait to see the pinwheel craft. That's going to be adorable for her birthday!

VandyJ said...

You got some great stuff!
Kids love packing materials of any kind, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Oh my... if you didn't get anything else that EOS lipstuff is the BOMB!!

Yay!!!! Love swaps!!

Anonymous said...

You got some really great stuff in the swap! Love it all.

Emmy said...

Yea! You always know someone really likes your work when they display it right away. You got such a cute shot to begin with I just took it to the next level :).

So so happy you had a good swap experience.

Oh and you can still do a ten things list :)

Stacie said...

You can swap with me any time...well except for swapping cleaning chores...that was a lot of packing peanuts, but at least they had fun!

Thank you, thank you for being such a great partner!

AndreaLeigh said...

you got some great stuff! i love the bag and the pink polish. i have the same lip balm and it is amazing!

angel shrout said...

bwhahah on the peanuts diving too adorable. LOve the stuff you got and am glad you enjoyed it all.

Shawn said...

I'm coming back to look at everyone's stuff again and I don't see my comment. I was using my iPad and it seems that a few are missing. Oh well...

You scored my friend! I think I saw the pictures of your kiddos on FB right? I love that they are playing in "ghost poop"...I have never heard that before, it totally made me lol!

Thanks for being such a great friend and swapping' with us, I'm glad it was such a success!

missy. said...

you definitely got lucky!! love the nail polish :) xoxo

Liberty said...

How fun!!! What a great swap! It's amazing how kids get excited over packing supplies. I think sometimes I should just give them bubble wrap as a present and they would be happy. :))