Wednesday Facts

Getting to know your blog friends is really what keeps the blog world so fun and honestly what I think brings so many friends together.  I thought it would be fun to list a few facts about me that you may or may not know.  What do we have in common?  Anything surprise you?  Tell me about you!  Its okay to be random…. that’s how I like it!


1.  I have green eyes, and up until recently I always told people they were gray because it sounded cooler.  It even said Gray on my license (which turns out I have had a warrant out for my arrest for that 11 yr old ticket by the way since 2006. I’m a FUGITIVE! I’m paying the stupid thing, so its over
and done- punks)
2.  I’m a Texas Tech University College Grad with a BA degree in English and minor in Sociology.  I speak English fluently, so that worked out.

3.  I am a member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, good times had by all.

4.  Scary movies creep me out, in fact a preview on TV for a scary movie freaks me out. Stephen King might be talented but this stinkin’ clown still haunts me… “THEY ALL FLOAT”   eeeeeeeeeeeeek!

5.  I {heart} a variety of music types! Josh Groban’s voice can move me to tears and the fact that my son sings along to his songs makes me happy.  Andre Bocelli’s ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ gave me goose bumps when I saw the Balagio water show dancing to the song, but I always lean on Journey!

6.  I rarely eat meat, but am not a vegetarian.  I think hamburgers are gross and Popcorn makes me sick! My Dad says I’m Un-American. I also dislike COKE and most all brown drinks (except coffee)!
7.  I’ve recently discovered a new addiction to owning a pair of jeans from the Buckle and LOVE Miss Me Jeans.  This is a surprising fact because up until about a year ago, I owned 1 pair of jeans and found them to be the last thing in my closet I would want to wear for comfort.

8.  Chocolate makes me happy.  I’m a picky chocolate fan.   I am grossed out by the chocolate covered candies with surprises in the middle that are in those big boxes and I also dislike Cadbury eggs.
9.  I LOVE SURPRISES.  The good kind of course!  Nothing is a bigger bubble buster than finding out about a surprise before it happens or dreaming up a COOL surprise and it doesn’t happen.
10.  I am an admitted Worry Wart.  I worry about being worried. 
11.  I am an Aquarius which is the water sign and I’m afraid of the water.

Eleven facts is a good start!  Nice and Random, like me! 

The past few days I’ve mentioned and will continue to mention the upcoming fun I’m taking part in and you are too, RIGHT!?!?! I figure the best way to succeed is to continue to remind you… it helps me remember at least.
Ashley over at
Cherished Bliss is teaming up with me and Pick Your Plum to host a very fun party!! Details HERE!!
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This starts January 25th: details
HERE!! In summary, 14 bloggers (ahem, ME and other awesome gals) are going to show you 14 days of ideas related to V-Day.  Then, you will link up with us to show your Valentine’s Creations.. and I’ve heard there’s an awesome prize associated, but you’ll have to check back to find out.

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Stacie said...

We are opposites on #9, but twins on #10! I am not a surprise person at all. And I worry if I have nothing to worry about!

Jessica said...

I love all the random facts!

I don't eat much meat either. Especially red meat = yuck!

I've never worn Miss Me jeans. The girl I work with loves them though so maybe after I lose some weight I'll get me a pair :). I love jeans!

Anonymous said...

Oh that clown picture freaked me out. Clowns are very creepy.

I can't stand Cadbury eggs too, blech!

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

I also have green eyes and dislike scary movies. That clown from It is so scary. I adore orange chocolate but only from one particular candy store here in Buffalo, otherwise I'm sorts whatever on chocolate. We mainly eat chicken but every once in awile a steak tastes so good.

Dollie @ Dollie Creates said...

Love this post! Always fun getting to know your bloggy friends :) So glad the ticket thing is over :) Bet you are relieved on that one!
I almost got a BA in English,but instead got a major in Sociology with a minor in Business :) Oh I love scary movies (sometimes.) Same way on no.5 lately I've been loving some Classic Rock.
Oh no! You don't like Coke, I love this stuff! (Love that your dad says you're Un-American).
Thanks for the reminder! Now to only make the posts :)

Hope you're having a great day!

My Mercurial Nature said...

This was such a fun list! How can you dislike popcorn? I love popcorn...LOVE love. But that part about chocolate covered candies...I'm so with you! Chocolate is supposed to be chocolate. I don't want to find a damn nut in there. :-/ LOL And worrying? I worry about worrying that I'm worried. Erm...

Anonymous said...

An aquarius that doesn't like water? I guess that disproves the zodiac once and for all. ;o)

I love your lists! These are all so fun and I love that you're so quirky!!!

Date Girl said...

Girl we have SO many things in common.
Scary movie previews creep me out too! I always mute them or change the channel, I'm such a chicken!
I love surprises too!! Unfortunately my hubby has a terrible time keeping them. He said keeping the proposal a surprise was torture. But I was so happy he did!

Anonymous said...

We are quite the opposites. lol--- Not all but many! lol Opposites attract, right?

Emmy said...

I do not like scary movies either. I used to like them but now they just really bother me. I love me a good juicy burger, especially with bacon and avocado...mmm or chilli... mmm.

I usually don't like most of the chocolates in those mix boxes either.

Liberty said...

I am embarrassed to admit to you how many prs of Miss Me jeans I have... I'm slightly obsessed/addicted, whatever you want to call it. :)). Chocolate with surprises?!? Won't even waste the calories. LOVE Coke Zero and popcorn though. :)). The two together are my favorite dinner combo on a snacky kind of night.