I just realized today is Friday the 13th!  Spooky!!! Okay, not really but it did make me think a little bit about superstitions. 
Are you superstitious?

I don’t think I could really classify myself as superstitious but there are a few things that I think about that maybe put me in that category.

I know for example, when I was at my Dr’s office for my 36 week check up and they realized that my fluid levels had dropped significantly, that I did NOT want the Dr to rush to deliver that day because it happened to be September 13th and I never wanted Rayne to have her birthday on a Friday, the 13th. Thankfully it was okay to wait one more day and really I had no choice because the Dr. ended up not being able to deliver until the 14th.  I don’t even know why the 13th mattered, but it was in my mind… most likely because I’ve heard it’s a bad luck day.

One thing I think about that makes me weird or superstitious.. is that I have a fear of driving over a cigarette that someone has thrown out of their car into the street because I am afraid it will cause my car to blow up.  Can you imagine if I had a severe leak under my car and the right wind blew or something and BAM!  Likely never happened or ever will.. but still…scary right?

One year.. specifically 2008-2009 Football season when the Steelers were kickin’ butt and takin’ names… I wore a Pittsburgh Steelers belly button ring and I think a toe ring too.  The entire season—they WON… they went as far as the SUPER BOWL!!  Darn toe ring broke and now they are out of the play offs this year.  I guess I thought my jewelry was the good luck charm at that point.  By the way, you are a true fan when you have the team jewelry to sport!

Here some Superstitions I’ve never even heard of!
A cricket in the house brings good luck
(um, this is just flat out ridiculous—they make you insane!)
It is bad luck to sleep on a table
(well there go my massages!)
It is bad luck to chase someone with a broom
(that’s too bad, my kids love this!)
To drop a dishcloth means bad luck is coming
(perfect excuse not to cook!)

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Date Girl said...

My mom was born on the 13th of January (Today!) and so she raised me believing in Good Luck Friday the 13th. It's all about the attitude! That said, I probably would have felt like you on the 13th. Plus now your baby shares my birthday, so win win. ;-)

I am totally the silly superstitious. I make wishes when the time is 11:11 and I kiss my thumb and smack the dashboard when I go through a yellow light, and also make a wish. I've never heard of the broom one, but that's funny!

Anonymous said...

I *think* I'm a Friday the 13th baby. I'll have to recheck with my mom. I was so superstitious in middle school and high school that I changed my bday to October 12th. Now I'm back to my original day. ;o)

That is so funny that you mentioned the driving over the cigarette thing! I had NEVER heard of anyone being scared of that until I read Amy from 991's blog about it. Now I hear of TWO that notice that? Maybe I actually should be concerned.... ;o)

Anonymous said...

Ha! As SK just mentioned, I just wrote about this same thing. Totally gives me the willy nillies!

I am not normally a superstitious person but there are some things that I do stay away from. :)

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm not a superstitious person but I believe in luck. Some people have GREAT luck on Friday the 13ths. I hope this is true. M is at the casino tonight with his boys! Momma needs some new shoes!! ;-)

BOOOOO to the Steelers!

Liberty said...

My mom was born on Friday the 13 th as well (December)!!! I always think of it as a good luck day as well. I am superstitious about certain things. I am so tired right now that I can't think of them. Oh! I have to eat an even number of items/ bites for each side of my mouth. I can't end on an odd number. Can't help it!!

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

My mom, so now I do it too, says if you drop silverware on the floor it means company's coming. If your left hand itches , you'll get in a fight but if the right one does , tou'll be getting money. And if your nose itches, you'll kiss a fool. Weird huh? But everytime one of those things happen, I think about it.