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I started my new job this week!  I had been working at the same company since I graduated college and just celebrated my 10th anniversary with them.  It was time to move on.  I have been dying to find something new and my 2012 is off to a good start!  I feel more busy than I did before and I’m learning a lot.  I’m still working out the bugs on how to make time for my blog and YOU!  I’ve been staying awake later and I’m pooped!

Recap 2011 Extravaganza I want to give a big THANK YOU to all who joined the Recap 2011.  It was a huge success and it wouldn’t have been possible without the creator, EmmyMom!! I’m honored to be included and thrilled to have met some awesome friends!!  As you know, there was a perk to joining and a winner was chosen!! 
Congrats to Jen of
Denton Sanatorium~

Pick Your Plum Challenge Thanks for all who signed up for the Pick your Plum Challenge!! I have mailed out 90% of the items and might even been sending a surprise to some who didn’t sign up!!! Who could it be!?!?  These gals who signed up and are being surprised will have detailed information included with the item mailed about an upcoming party. 
Please check back Monday for more details!!!
Hint:  This will be SUPER fun for those of you who LOVE PYP as much as me and already have bought products or plan to!

Husband Tips:  Last weekend I gave ya’ll 1st & 2nd Editions for Husband Tips which will likely start to be my Saturday and Sunday posts going forward  (Except this weekend b/c I’m trying to get caught up)… but stay tuned.  I told Erik that I would be sharing our lil’convo’s with tips and he has already started making a list….this is huge!! He’s a man of little words so I’m thrilled that he’s letting me include him, even if its at the humorous expense of me. 

House Tour:  In my previous survey and several comments over the course of the months, I have had people ask for a house tour.  My blog pal Ashley did one starting 1 room at a time.. why didn’t I think of that!! Stay tuned.

I am so excited for this year and I’ve got so many ideas!! Hope you stick around to see it all!!


My speeding ticket update. Story HERE

Ya’ll, I’m so frustrated, annoyed, and whatever other words you can think of along the lines of being flat PISSED about this.  I have written to 3 top news channels, the Dallas Morning newspaper, Bill O’Reilly, Florence Shapiro (state senator) and NOTHING. People even tweeted about it for me (thanks ya’ll) and wrote a blog post or two on my behalf.
I’m not sure what kind of news crosses your tv’s each day but the “BREAKING NEWS” here in Dallas is seriously RIDICULOUS.  I’m appalled that my story is not worth mentioning but we need to interrupt your show to tell you about a window washer who is stuck. 
I have told my story to a bunch of people who all agree its CRAP and yet, everyone says—just pay it. 
I’m stubborn, and that’s FINE… and maybe I’ll have to pay it but I’m not willing to let this go. 
If you read the story, remember the details and are passionate like me--- WHAT ELSE SHOULD I DO!?

I called an attorney in that county to ask him for help—and amazingly enough, he can make it all go away for $575!  WOW! What a steal deal!! I am sorry but if he can make it disappear then why can’t I!  By the way I’m not stupid! I’m not paying the dude!

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Stacie said...

I can't believe that you are still dealing with that ticket garbage. Have you tried contacting any legislators in that county? Its an election year, maybe they will want some good publicity?

Date Girl said...

wow you work, you keep up this awesome blog, and you have a small herd of children, and a hubby? How do you do it all girl?! I'm amazed.

I was a super late comer on the giveaway. Do I still qualify?

Looking forward to the house tour!

That ticket business seems so crazy bizarre! Good luck with it all. I would be so pissed too!

Brittney said...

wow you are a busy woman :)
I just read the ticket story.. um yeah I wouldn't pay that either!! I think everyone is in a bind or something. A few months ago I checked my bank account and it was negative 200$ I was like what in the world. Turns out my mom owed some money for something from 1999 and they garnished her money and since her name was still on my bank account from when I opened it when I was 16 they took all my money too.. I mean 1999 is that not insane!!

becca said...

i signed up i think. "runs to check"

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know how you do it all. You must never sleep, or eat, or something...

That ticket mess? It would have me livid, too. Especially knowing that the lawyer could take care of it somehow but will charge you some outrageous fee. I wish I had some advice for you, but I have no clue what other options you have.

Kim said...

Glad your year is off to a great start with your new job!

Dollie @ Dollie Creates said...

I can't wait to see your Pick Your Plum Challenge, totally wish I would've started reading your blog a while back :)

I loved your Husband tips! Oh goodness, he's excited? I'm excited to see what he wants to add to the Husband tips :)

The other night, our important news was that they were doing away with 100 watt light bulbs, this in a city where the murder rate is super high (I live in New Orleans.) I can't believe you can't get anyone to share your story on the news! Have you tried the Radio Stations too? I know some Radio Stations have callers call in, maybe they could help you?

Hope you have a great day!


Liberty said...

Sucks about the ticket still... :(( Hate it for you my friend! Hope the job is everything you hoped for and more! Change is good.