Show US Your Plum {Contest}


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{ends @ midnight on January10th}
A week or so ago, Ashley and I started a Pick Your Plum Challenge asking 20 total people to sign up to get something fun in the mail from us!  We sent 20 packages to 20 different people with a few getting a surprise that didn’t sign up (some are still in the mailing process).  Nobody knew what they were getting!  Snail mail, Packages, Surprises, OH MY!!  What these lucky gals got were some of the FABULOUS products from Pick Your Plum! Pick Your Plum is TRULY addicting... it is like having a birthday present Every.Single.Morning. Plus they inspire creativity!
Pick Your Plum is a deal a day website. They have all kinds of goodies.... the fun part? You don’t know what they have until they post it at 7am MST! I have even been known to text a friend or two to HURRY and ACT FAST on a great deal!  Here are a few of the things I personally have bought!
Sassy Black Scarf  (I’d pluralize this but I actually parted with the rest of my purchase to share with some of those lucky gals)
Note: Not every item has to be crafty—it can be used for kickin your wardrobe up a notch too!
Personalized stamps for me and the hubs plus each of my kiddos has one of their own… every kid sends a thank you note at some point in their life and invitations.. so why not have it come direct from them!
Yes! More Stamps.. but HOW CUTE!!  Each of my kiddo’s has their own… I even got one to say JohansonJourney and now wish I had done a few others but thankfully there’s always a chance these will come back!
Pretty awesome right? So here comes the GOOD news!
Ashley and I have teamed up WITH PYP and will be hosting a Monthly  LINK contest! You know what that means right? There is a prize! Every FIRST Wednesday of the month, a link party will open. This will be your opportunity to enter the contest. It will run until the LAST Wednesday of the month!
What do you link up?
Any project using PYP projects.
3 EASY RULES to play along:
-Link up your post about PYP products!
Posts should be: creations/projects/gift ideas/tutorials you have created using your favorite
Plum products. This includes ways to wear/pair any fashion items, i.e. jewelry, scarfs, shirts, etc.
-You MUST like PYP on Facebook or Sign up for their Newsletter
- MUST Include the “Show Us Your Plum” Button in your blog post
At the end of each contest period, a winner will be chosen with the help of PYP and they will receive a surprise box of goodies from PYP worth $25. You will be surprised what you will find in that box! So many awesome goodies. The best part... well for me.. is that it’s a surprise... who doesn’t love that right?!
You’ll have to check their website EVERY DAY to find your perfect thing, but remember, don’t pass it up because they have a limited supply and everyday is something new!
PYP has a Pinterest page FULL of inspirations on what you can make using their products! Your blog and pictures could make their page!  Here are a couple that people have created and PYP pinned that  I LOVE!

Have Questions? Leave a comment and we will answer them!  Did you get a special package from us? If so, love to know your first thoughts!?
Want to see Today’s Deal!?!?!? Check it out now!!
If you happen to “Like” them today for the first time on Facebook, tell em’ Show Us Your Plum, Ashley & Janette sent you!! Pick Your Plum will also be announcing this party on their page to remind you!! They might also decide to show your Link off on their page!!! Pin It


becca said...

what a great idea and i am so addicted to PYP now

Shawn said...

This looks like fun...but where do you find the time to do all that you do? You are one busy Momma!

Stacie said...

Sounds like fun! I love getting the emails everyday with their deal of the day. Haven't bought anything yet, but I doubt that I'll be able to hold out much longer!

Anonymous said...

I got my package this morning!!!!! :o) Actually, it's probably been there since Saturday, but I just now saw it! :o) THANK YOU!!!!! I absolutely LOVE the scarf!!!! So excited to participate in this!!! :o)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Great idea!!! Slightly out of my craft-impaired comfort zone, but I'll have to start checking out their deals and await the inspiration. I love the stamps. :)

Emmy said...

Very very excited! Will definitely play along

Liberty said...

I got my package today!!! I already have some ideas in the works. :)))

Anonymous said...

Wow... look at you two! Work it, girl.

You know I am in.

Eva {Tales of the Scotts} said...

I was JUST thinking the other day that PYP should have a site somewhere so people can display their crafts, etc! I've already got something to link up that I recently finished. Can't wait!