Before I announce my winner which I’m so excited about…. I want to talk this out with ya’ll.

I tend to over think things…  I’m okay with that because I think it helps me process all of the possibilities.  I even go from positive extremes to negative to cover my bases.  Basically I think too much… perhaps talk too much (like now). 

Erik asked me the other day about the Ranch Dressing (Ryan’s new favorite dipping sauce).

Erik:  Babe, Where is the Ranch? Did you throw it away?
Me:  (always feeling the need to dive into a full on explanation) Well I noticed you left it out last night at dinner and you can’t leave Ranch out because it goes bad.  Its been over 12 hours and that's just gross!  There was only a little bit left anyway so I went ahead and threw it away.  We have a new unopened bottle in the fridge I think. 
Erik:  A simple: “I threw it away would have sufficed”

I can’t help myself. 

So I told ya’ll about my fear of give aways because frankly my success in the past hasn’t been the best.  I was nervous about this one but had high hopes because Pick Your Plum is becoming well known (considering its all I talk about).  I also have signed up for my share of give aways and have had little winning success on that side as well. 

I have been known to use Random Org to figure my number for the winner, but seriously—is it really Random if I can click the button a bunch of times to get a number I want?  I don’t know if other people do that, but I’ve done it just to see that its not all that random, although my heart wants to believe people go with the first number that pops up.  I’m just being honest… you can click it and click it and that’s not really random.

I thought about throwing some paper in the air with numbers on it and telling my daughter who is only 18 months old to grab one- because an 18 month old won’t know why or who they are for!  ~overthinking? yes… sorry.

I decided that I would use the 1st person on facebook who responded to my “Pick a number btw 1-39” the chance to pick our winner.  After all no one really knows why I’m asking… now that’s RANDOM!  Right?? Well it seemed fair to me.

CONGRATS!!! Please email me your address!!!  I’ll get PYP your info ASAP!
To ALL: Thank you so much for stopping by and signing up. Means A LOT!!! I am also excited ya’ll are interested in

XOXO YA’LL!!! Now go get today’s DEAL!! We’ve gotta a party to get ready for!!  SHOW US YOUR PLUM starts February 1st!!  Read about it HERE!!!

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Emmy said...

Yea!!!!!! So excited!! Oh my husband may not be as I am going to be a crafting fool- but I am :)

Do you still have my address or should I send it again?

Dollie @ Dollie Creates said...

Congrats Emmy! I've always been interested in how Bloggers do Giveaways. I love how open and honest you are. I would've done the same exact thing when it comes to the Ranch Dressing :)

becca said...

congrats Emmy and Janette thank you for getting me addicted

Impulsive Addict said...

That lucky Emmy. DANG HER! HA!