I’ve taken the PYP Challenge!!  This was a challenge that Ashley from Cherished Bliss and I approached blog friends to do to get our upcoming “Show Us Your Plum” link party off to a great start!! We sent a group of gals items from PYP to use anyway they wanted to link up with our party that starts February 1st!! Hope you join!!

Manic Mother

My project started with pieces of wood.

I decided I would personalize this into my Blog Banner to hang in the house!
* Red &White paint
*Sponge Brush
*Glitter letters
I started off by painting the edges all red & then painting the surface white.
IMG_1645 IMG_1646
I thought creating a pink cloudy effect around the edges would look cute…
IMG_1647 IMG_1648
I added my letters and a lil heart to spell out my blog name and got Erik to drill holes in the smaller wood pieces to align with the larger piece.   I used small ribbon to feed through to dangle them down!
IMG_1728 IMG_1729
For those of you wondering what 5.26.07 stands for: It is the day Erik and I got married…. When the Johanson Journey actually began!
Have you bought something fun from Pick Your Plum?  I’d love to see your project!!

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Dollie @ Dollie Creates said...

I love your project! What a great way to use the wood :) (And what a great way to get the Hubby involved in the project too)

My post should be up tomorrow.

Hope you are having a great night!

Anonymous said...

Very cute project!! Can I say that the glitter letters are my favorite part?? I love bling!!! :)

I am linked, girlie!

Stacie said...

Super cute! Working on my post right now!

Liberty said...

I soooo don't see what you are talking about... You have the BEST craft ideas and projects!! I'm way impressed, girl! :)) It turned out perfect.

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

That is super cute!

AmieAnn said...

This is soo stinkin adorable.. Love that you used it as a unique established sign! And of course I just adore the V-day color inspiration!

Impulsive Addict said...

You already know I love it! I wish I could be more crafty!

Jenna said...

Oh very cute! That's a great idea you had lady!!

I'm all linked up. :) Thanks for letting me be a part of this!

Kristi Kelly said...

LOVE it!!! You did awesome friend:) I had fun seeing what you came up with...It looks like something you would buy in a boutique shop:)