DAY 1 of 14 Days of Love
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First up is:
Desiree' @ The 36th Avenue Go check out her Valentine frame!

Now… back to me…
Technology sure has come along way in the past 10 years.  I love it because I am an instant gratification type of a person, so digital photography has been AH.MAZ.ING for me.  I just snap away because I can just download it onto my handy-dandy computer and save it, or delete it if I don’t like it.  

Through my collection of pictures, our computer started to get bogged down and pretty soon there was no space left for anything, so Erik bought me my own external hard drive. 

I had it organized in all kinds of fancy folders.  Ryan has his own folder that goes from my pregnancy days to his birth and every single picture organized by the month or year he was at the time.   I did this with Reese and Rayne also.  This has made it easy for me to go and find the pictures I’m looking for and also to do comparisons between the kids when they were a certain age.  This is just the cusp of what was on that hard drive.

Last night, I was copying pictures from my camera to organize and BAM!

UHhhh… blue screen of death?  Please say it isn’t so!!  I unplug my drive, plug it back in… all is well and then try to copy/paste to it again….. same blue screen appears!  I begin to perspire a little.

Erik suggested plugging it back in and trying to copy the folders to our AT&T server that came with our U-verse package.  I started to copy them and got some of the smaller folders copied over.  Then, I started the bigger ones…. like our wedding and honeymoon. 

Notice comes up saying corruption has occurred and files have been lost.

I just got word back from a Data Recovery place here near me and for a whoppin’ $850, they can retrieve my data.  Quoting a friend,
Impulsive Addict
        So while I gather myself and get some second & third opinions… I’ll leave you with a few pictures I have taken with my phone with Instagram! 

On another note (REMINDER), are you working on your PYP Challenge? Link up starts next week!!  Here’s what I’m working with! Can’t wait to share it with you. 

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Katie said...

OH NO!!!! I would flip! I hope everything turns out okay :)

Dollie @ Dollie Creates said...

I HATE the Blue Screen!! Technology can sometimes be the devil! Hope you're able to get all of your pictures back!

Jenna said...

Oh no! I feel your pain though. That happened to me. We most of Scout's first 6 month pictures. :( I would have lost my mind to have lost everything you lost. THE HELL YOU SAY?! 850 bucks?!?! Oh my!

I hope you figure out a better/cheaper option.

I LOVE that picure of you! That is so funny and cute!

I can't wait to see what you come up with for PYP. I've been a busy bee with mine!

Date Girl said...

Oh no!! It's so so important to back up. I do one once a month. Hopefully you can recover your data. If I lived closer I would try. I used to be a techy but data recovery is tough. It might be worth that $850...but hopefully you can find cheaper. Good luck!!

Emily @ 52 Mantels said...

Oh man, that is a BAD day!! I hope you can find a better estimate. That's ridiculous!!

Anyway, I was just stopping by to meet/follow you! I'm working on tomorrow's post right now (I know, I'm a last minute gal) and I'm getting all prepped to link your cute blog!! I can't see what you bring on Friday!!

Emily @ 52mantels.com

Ashley Rose said...

Girl, you need to get MOZY!! I used to work for them and I have an account still. I back up both of our computers and my external hard drive to Mozy - I would DIE if I lost my photos!! Gah!! I have had to recover/restore data because of crashes or having to re-install my operating system and THANK GOODNESS I had Mozy!

Oh man...I would cry...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it IS the blue screen of death!
But I really thought 850 bucks was pocket change to you. ;)

Anonymous said...

OH crap no! I hate losing pictures. Last summer when my laptop died, I lost all the pictures I took so far that year.

Ashley said...

Oh no!!! Hope you can get your pics back! I'm a fairly new follower, looking forward to your tutorial tomorrow! I've been featuring the 14 days of Love on my site The Latest Find to share the awesome tutorials! Happy Valentines Day early!! =)

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

Oh No! We back up our back up because if I lost anything, I would be crying hard.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I feel for you right now, really I do! This would be my worst nightmare!!! :o( I really hope you're able to get everything back!

Oh, we need to find each other on instagram! I'm sarahkate11. Add me!

Emmy said...

Oh girl I am so so sorry :( I hope they can be recovered. We used a service called Carbonite- it backs everything up to some big server somewhere else- that way if there was ever a fire or theft we could still get all of our files back

Impulsive Addict said...

Please tell me you got it fixed for less than $850!!! That is no bueno Amiga. But thanks for that shout-out!! xoxo