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I noticed the other day a friend or two had marked on Facebook that they liked this link and posted it if you wanted to go read it.  I hesitated a little bit only because it was coming from the Huffington Post which can be a tad.. well, maybe not a tad.. VERY FAR LEFT (yeah I just got political on ya, but its brief, I promise).  The title was ‘Don’t Carpe Diem” written by a blogger just like you or me.  Friends were liking this, so it got me interested and I read it. 

So, I leave you now with the same link to go read (when you have time of course) and hope you enjoy her writing and post as much as I did and I’m sure a lot of other mom’s out there can associate with. 

The Link is HERE

What I loved was her brutal honesty and she had over 1900 comments which I’m sure had a lot to do with Huffington publishing it, but she talked in her next post which I felt hit the nail on the head for my letter to bloggers yesterday when she said:

‘We are not successful if we make it to Oprah or the Today show or start creating serious revenue or traffic or what HAVE YOU.

We are successful because chances are that tonight some tired and lonely mom will click on a friend’s link and get lost in our essays and our comments and our love for each other. And she will ignore her husband for hours and she will cry a little and laugh a lot and she will read on and on and on. And it may take her months to rally the courage to comment, but she will meet us here every day because she has finally found her people! She has finally found a group of women whose only motive is to love and laugh together and who are NOT FOR SALE. And this will help her believe and be peaceful and feel a little less suspicious and more comfortable and safe and brave on this Earth. And so she will be full of joy. DONE. REVOLUTION WON.’

I LOVE THIS GIRL!!  She’s speakin’ my language!! I’m her newest follower at Momastery.

Have a great weekend!!

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Emmy said...

Yes, I liked that post. It really is hard some days and I think it is supposed to be- otherwise we would never appreciate the good days and the good things in life.- everything would just be gray. I will take the black so I can have the white.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I also read her post and loved it. It was my language also. You also have a good weekend.

Angel said...

Wow I loved that post! I tagged you for The Blogger game if you'd would like to do it! If not it's no problem!!

Krista said...

I cried. I literally cried at her words. They were so honest and beautiful and exactly what I needed and wanted to hear.

So, thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I really, really enjoyed her post. I'm so glad you shared it!

Stopping by from the Good News! hop!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Hey girl,
I read that last week and really liked it too! Her Everest analogy was my favorite. Luckily, there are still so many amazing moments to make up for the ones I don't cherish so much! :)

Susan Evans said...

I found that post on twitter, of all things.

Melanie said...

I saw that one all over facebook as well. Didn't have time to read it then. But apparently TONS of my friends did. Thanks for the link. Now I'll have to go check it out.