Husbands Helpful Tips 2

2nd Edition

Note:  Tips offered in these posts going forward are meant to be humorous and not offensive. 

Its Christmas Eve….. the family gathering with Erik’s side of the family has ended and the kids are nestled snug in their beds.  Its time to get our Santa hats on and tackle the items requiring assembly.  I’ve come to the conclusion that toy makers and assemblers go to great lengths to make these nights last FOREVER.  I also imagine them sitting at their work stations putting the final product into the box and laughing hysterically knowing that the end users will be sitting on the floor in the middle of the night with nuts, bolts, screw drivers and all other required tools use to assemble this toy.

In an attempt to be a helpful assistant Santa, I start to pull items out of a box to get the pieces laid out and ready.  I was put on hold because he didn’t think I could handle the task at hand so I went ahead and started applying stickers.  How HARD is that!?  Easy!  Done.

OOOH!!! I begin to think that I can actually figure this out and put a piece together. I grab the screw driver, screw it in and voila!  We are one step closer to going to sleep.

Erik looks at it…. checks the stability…. shakes his head and gives a slight roll of the eyes. 

WHAT!?  I did it!! 

“Did you read the directions?"  he asks.

“It was pretty obvious where the part was suppose to go, so I put it in” I replied in hopes that it was GOOD ENOUGH so we could just GO TO BED!

Husband Helpful Tip #1: Just let Santa do it because he reads directions and is a professional mechanic. 

Husband Helpful Tip #2: You just worry about those dust bunnies and let me take care of making sure things get built up to standard. 

My attempts to help delayed the bedtime by at least another 20 minutes.  BUMMER!!  Picture above shows I’m not the only one who doesn’t read directions.

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becca said...

hehe Santa knows best

Anonymous said...

Ha!! I thought that WAS your handiwork in the picture at first. I was about to ask how many cups of eggnog you had while playing Santa. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh!! I thought that pic was your handiwork! Thanks for the clarification. :)

My hubby would have done more than shake his head and roll his eyes!!

Emmy said...

Lol! Yes, I think you are onto something- those Toymakers totally are out to get us-- well if we can get it out of the package in the first place! I have decided that Little Petshops are the worst- how many time do those things need to be tied in??

Barbara said...

How funny. Santa does really now best! ;)