Food Facts

I remember specifically 2 incidents from my childhood where I was tricked to eating something that I would NEVER have wanted to eat.

First time was at a restaurant in Louisiana when we lived there and my Mom and I stepped away to use the restroom.  My Dad took it upon himself to order an appetizer for us while we were away.  When it came, it looked like fried chicken nuggets and that is exactly what he told me they were.  I ate them up so fast.  They were so good.  I was informed after I licked the plate clean that I had just enjoyed my first plate of alligator.  EW!  I was tricked. Turns out it was not so bad but the idea of eating an alligator is not on my list of things to try.

Second time was one summer playing in the pool with a friend of mine and my Dad brought out some meat that he had been cooking on the grill and wanted us to try it.  He said it was chicken.

** What is it with everything tasting like chicken!?***

I didn’t question the offer and since its chicken after all, why not!  It was good.  I wouldn’t say it was eat a whole plate good, but I would have probably had a little more if I were hungry enough.  Turns out, this was another trick to get me to try Frog Legs.  EW!! 

I am a VERY picky eater.  I am totally fine admitting that I could live on bread and Macaroni & Cheese and be okay without eating much else.  I see something and it looks gross, so I assume it is.   My Dad had recently told me about milk shakes and that they use algae to help soften the ice-cream to make it smooth.  This level of detail is something I can live without.  I am a tad timid to have a milk shake and if it is too creamy, I know the first thing I will think of is Algae.

So what about you?  Are you like me?  Are you effected by what you hear or what you see? 
People still drink Coca Cola like water, even though they know it can take paint off your car.  People also still eat bologna, even though it has the same quality to take paint off a car.

How does it make you feel when you see stories about McDonald’s chicken? (Click the picture to go see the story) This is not a photo of ice-cream.
And then there’s this warning label that California is now supposedly putting on their McDonald’s bags or perhaps just on the wall?? (California friends can confirm).

Does stuff like this deter you from eating there?  I’ve survived this long eating chicken nuggets and hashbrowns from there, so while the news is a tad mind boggling and frankly gross/scary…. I still found myself in the drive through getting a happy meal for the kids and a lil’ something for myself. 
What are your thoughts?

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Dollie @ Dollie Creates said...

Can't say I've had alligator or frog legs (and the only way I probably would is if I was tricked like you were.) I still drink coke although it can take paint off of a car :)
That picture for McDonald's is kinda gross. But like you said I highly doubt it will stop me from getting chicken nuggets there. (Although I haven't had McDonald's in a while..)
So, yeah I don't think all the scary stories about certain foods deter me from eating them, I mean Bologna/Hot Dogs etc are made from some of the nasty stuff, but fried Bologna sandwiches and Bologna Boats taste pretty good to me :)

Hope you're having a great day!

Emmy said...

Haven't see one of those signs yet, I will let you know though.
And that story about the chicken nuggets- haven't read it yet, but one of my friends posted something on FB and says that the story is only half true as confirmed by so not as bad as that stuff looks

Impulsive Addict said...

Have you watched Food Inc? You should. You will NEVER eat at McDonalds or buy Tyson chicken ever again. Emma has never had McDonalds. I'm sure she will one day but that movie grossed me out. I am very easily influenced by food facts. I checked out that picture. The link to that story had a movie but it was taken down. Hmmm...

Stacie said...

Mayo--if I just hear it is in something, I will gag. I could have just eaten the most delicious whatever, but if you tell me then that it had mayo in it, I will never eat it again. It is mental, I know, but still. And IA is right, if you watch Supersize Me or Food Inc, you will never want McD's again!

stephanie said...

I've had both alligator and frog legs and enjoyed them. I'm the least picky eater ever haha

Anonymous said...

Ya know I will be the same way. I will snarl my nose and probably say "EWW" out loud, but I will be in line to order some nuggets. If you drown them in BBQ or Sweet and Sour sauce, it makes it totally acceptable to eat. ;)

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

I'm the same way! Very super picky though I'm trying to brancg out. I was tricked into eating veal once and it was delicious. But I felt sick afterwards because I just didn't want toeat something that was being tortured (in my mind).

becca said...

living in FL I've eten gator tail before and frog legs not looking to do that again anytime soon

Daisy said...

Once I hear s=how something is made I will rarely eat it again. Not because it doesn't taste good but because what it does to your body. I have not had soda in like 8yrs or Mc donalds in like 5 (thank you super size me. I just can't get things out of my head.

Anonymous said...

Your dad is quite the tricky one, isn't he??? :o)

I refuse to eat at places like McDonalds. It just grosses me out. The only fast food place I'll eat at is Chickfila. My sister worked there for years, so I trust their food more than the others.