Dear Blog Friends

As a kid, I could NOT WAIT to grow up.  I could NOT WAIT to be tall enough to look over the counter at the bank or even the grocery store.  We all rush to become adults and then BAM!  You are living every day with so many responsibilities that you wish you could go back to those days when you were too short to see over the dashboard in your Dad’s 78’ Rivera with the huge bench seat.  Eating a box of Little Debbie's was never a concern about how it would effect your bathing suit in the summer and staying up late did not effect you in the least.
Some of my blogging pals who leave comments will often say they aren’t sure how I do it all and I am always surprised to hear that.  I feel like there is so much I am not doing that I feel guilty.  Oh, and remember yesterday when I told you about my ‘worrying about worry’… that’s just ME, so hopefully you will understand the following.
When I first started blogging, I literally threw pictures up, gave them some captions and called it a day.  I didn’t realize there was a community of friends in various stages of life out there.  I finally got the idea and the hang of it and I’m HOOKED!!  Like,
Addicted to Pick your Plum hooked!! <—sorry, I had to throw that in there! hah!
So, in the past year I spent a lot of my free time meeting YOU and trying to find ways to keep my blog more entertaining than just showing pictures and realized there is a LOT of responsibility to being a blogger.  Some of ya’ll blog as a hobby, some use it as a business, some barely use it at all and I’m sure there are many others. 

I know I’m not alone when I say that I feel guilty that I cannot make the time to come around to visit my blog friends, because after all, that’s what blogging is about for me: Sharing and bonding with those who I connect with.
If you read “Helpful Blogging Tips”, they all say that you MUST comment on other blogs if you want them to come and check yours out. Sitting there waiting for someone to come and look doesn’t usually happen on its own.  This is very true.  So, as a Blogger, I feel a responsibility to be the best I can be and that is where I feel that I’m failing. 

My kids are happy and healthy, I have a great job now, a wonderful husband, good friends and I’m super thankful, but I also cherish and adore blogging and worry about my responsibilities to blogging being neglected and how it will effect me long term.   I bought a book about how to improve your blog and I just don’t see how people in my predicament with a fulltime job, family and day to day responsibilities are able to give blogging the attention it requires to maintain relationships and build more.

Please tell me I’m not alone if you were able to read this whole post.  Thanks for listening in any case… 

Off to figure out how to maintain my responsibilities as a blog friend. 

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stephanie said...

I think everyone who blogs "just for fun" kind of feels the same way... it's hard to balance a family, a home and maintain a blog that you don't earn profit from. It's just a fine line to figure out what works for you... I'm still learning!

Dollie @ Dollie Creates said...

I think it's all about finding what's a right fit for you. I'm amazed by the women that seemingly do it all (work, family, blog, etc). I'm a fairly new reader to your blog, but love how real you are. I agree with you on the trying to be the best but feeling like you're failing. I think you're doing great, and I love getting emails/responses back from you. I think that maybe having some sort of schedule might work in dealing with finding the perfect balancing act. I say do what makes you happy, and those that love your blog will continue to keep up with you, even if you don't blog all the time etc.

Hope you're having a great day!


Emmy said...

I go through phases- I never give up blogging- but there are times where I "give up" or barely do any other blog reading. And then when there are lulls I am all crazy again.

But yea, it is hard. But mostly just do it because you love it, do it for you. If it is becoming something you feel you have to do and are feeling guilty over, then that is when it isn't worth it anymore.

Impulsive Addict said...

You are not alone. I used to go out to random blogs and leave comments in the hopes that they will come visit me and love me. That doesn't work out for me. Now, I usually just visit anybody that leaves ME a comment first. How sad is that? Sometimes, I have so much to do around here and I feel like I'm neglecting Emma if I just sit in front of the computer all day reading blogs.

I feel ya sister.

Anonymous said...

I blog the same way as IA. Except for my regular 15 or so blogs I read every day, I only go visit ones who leave comments for me first. It's true that some people really do have more time than others. That's great that they can comment on 50 blogs a day! But if you don't have the time to comment on everyone's blogs all the time, don't feel bad! I think most people fall into that category.

Stacie said...

You are definitely not alone...and I don't even have any kids in the mix.

I realize myself that I don't do enough sharing of the bad stuff, if that makes sense? I tend to share the successes and leave out the fails, and I am sure that showing the real side of things would make people relate to me even more.

I try to comment on as many blogs as I can, even if it is just a small comment.

I think you do a great job, so from one worrier to another...stop fingers itched just typing that...sigh...I think I'm not cut out to be worry-free...

Jessica said...

I haven't really figured out what works for me yet. I've tried coping other peoples ways and I end up getting overwhelmed. For now I'm sticking with just trying to blog every day (not doing a great job). I try to visit my blog friends every day and leave a comment. I guess I'm in the stage of maintaining the relationships I have already built before I start doing more.

I think you do a GREAT job with balancing your blog life with your home life (just from my point of view anyways). Remember you are probably under a little more stress right now after having started the new job. I'm sure you don't have as much free time!

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

I don't have an "actual" job and I still feel like I fail at blogging! Every blogger ouit there feels like they should be doing more. Do what you can, we'll stick around.

Lindy said...

You are defintely not alone. I feel the say way. I do try to schedule posts which helps some. I'm glad I'm not the only one who worries about worrying. {{{HUGS}}}

Daisy said...

I'm with you! I do try to make time to visit other blogs but it is hard. I think it depends on how far you want to take this. If It's just for fun then you don't have to worry about it but if It's a business then you need to put a lot of time in it.

becca said...

for me i have my usual friends i've connected with they get my first attention followed by any new people who comment then if i have time or the energry i will catch up on any blog i follow. or read new blogs. I think we all know it's hard to keep up sometimes i feel like i'm drwoning but I try my best and that's all i can do

Liberty said...

I don't have a full time job to balance along with the kids and you definitely run circles around me. I love to read other blogs but can't often put an appropriate time limit on it. Then, I go to the other extreme. I really need to work on my all or nothingness. I feel like I have to keepy family first. If things start suffering for them, then I have to back off. It's extremely difficult to balance!!