10 Reasons to Smile

 Today I am sharing 10 things that make me Smile with Emmy and the Talk to US girls, Impulsive Addict and Shawn who happen to be hosting a swap if ya wanna join (limited spaces open)!! Click the buttons to go and find out more or link up!

1.  I told you all recently about my $850 Hard Drive issue where I thought I lost my entire life.  I gave it to my Dad who said he could give it to a friend to fix- it was worth a shot.  My Dad plugged it in his computer, and he got a prompt to “fix corrupted files”. He clicked YES.  All of my files are there, everything was in tact.  I backed up my files and all is well.  Not sure how that company could sleep at night charging people such a high price for unneeded work. 
2.  I caught our dog Mackie during a blink but the picture turned out looking like she was smiling which made me smile!   This was taken at the vet’s office where she got a clean bill of health and some supplements for her aging body. 

3.  For Christmas, Erik and I got gift certificates from our families to get gas logs! We had them installed and they make me so happy!!! I love that there are no more clean ups needed!!

4.  I celebrated my 34th birthday this past weekend.  Erik took me to my favorite restaurant, Kobe Steak House!  Delicious!! The waiting area is very dark, so that’s why this picture is not that great.

5.  I am this close to being able to get my blog updated (currently I’m in que) and this close to being able to get my very own Silhouette Cameo!!

6.  When I tell Reese that I love her, she responds and says “Yo Mommy” which I believe is “Reese” for “Love you Mommy”
7.  I love how sweet Ryan is with his baby sister!! He always gently puts his head next to hers as a tender hug.

8.  Some of you know that I started a new job at the first of this year and with a new job comes learning new things and I’m happy to say that I’m having fun and love the challenge.  Some days are easier than others but I’m starting to get the hang of things!

9.  I am pretty honored to be apart of the 14 Days of Love which pushed me to my creative side!  You can see the string of bloggers starting
HERE and get ready for a big give away at the end!!

10.  I’m super excited and happy about the group of gals who have agreed to be apart of the link party I’m co-hosting with Ashley starting tomorrow!  It would mean the world if you would pass it on and send others to come check it out!  If you haven’t heard of Pick Your Plum, its not too late! This is a month long link party! Buzz me if you have questions!!  You can win just by linking up with us!!  That makes me smile!!! The support I’ve received from many of you also makes me smile!! xoxo
I'll tell you what is NOT making me smile is having to use BLOGGER to write a POST and having it jack with my pictures!  SOOOO annoying!  Sorry there's a lack of pictures.. I just can't deal with that.

What is making you smile?
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Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

Oh I'm so glad you were able to get your hard drive fixed and backed up. & I LOOOOOVE Kobe's! I didn't realize they had those everywhere. Mmm! I want some now. lol.

Emmy said...

Oh such happy news about the harddrive!!! That is such great news and yea, so glad you didn't have to pay for that. Thanks goodness for family.
We have gas logs and I love it, can have a fire anytime we want.
Who are you having do your blog update? I am going to update my own if I ever find time- it is going to be a whole new look- based on that business card my friend designed.
Happy Birthday again.
Thanks so much for linking up!

Shawn said...

I didn't know it was your birthday, happy belated birthday friend. 34? You're still a kitten!

I'm glad you're loving your job, nothing is worse than not being happy at work!

I can't wait to see all of the V-day stuff starting tomorrow!

Thanks for linking up with us, you know we love ya!

Dollie @ Dollie Creates said...

So glad your drive wasn't lost!! And even happier that you didn't have to spend that crazy amount of money!
I love smiling puppy/dog pictures, I always try to get some of our dog, but she doesn't like to cooperate that much.
I'm glad that you're liking your new job :)
Super excited about the upcoming link party!
Hope you're having a great day!

Nadine Hightower said...

Happy 34th!! I've been 35 for 12 years now, I just love it!!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday & so happy to hear about your pictures :)

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm so glad that you are loving your new job. I wish everyone loved what they did.

I love the pic of Mackie. So sweet!!

Great pic of you and hubby....even though it's dark, I can tell you guys got all dressed up and look beautiful!

I need to do my post for PYP tonight. I haven't started it yet but I'll do it after Em is in bed. M's been out of town yesterday and today and with our link up and errands that HAD to get done, it's been ROUGH getting anything else done around here today!!

Thanks for linking up with us! xoxo

Stacie said...

Can't believe you got all of your pics and files back so easy peasy. I know you breathed a huge sigh of relief!

Stacy Uncorked said...

You give me hope that my hard drive that's holding all of Princess Nagger's baby pictures (and lots of important files) might be able to give them up for me...and not cost an arm and a leg! Glad you were able to salvage all your files and stuff off your hard drive! :)

LOVE the picture of your doggy - totally smiling at you.

Happy (belated Birthday! Kobe Steakhouse is the perfect birthday dinner place to go...can't wait until we move back to the Seattle area so we can go to a place like that! :)

Farewell Chuck, and a Busy Week with a Psycho Schedule leads to a Foggy Brain

Liberty said...

Woot Woot about the hard drive!! Mine crashed after we moved here and I lost ALL!! It still makes me sick to think about it. Thank goodness I made a CD of some of the most important pics for my sister. She saved it and I have a few pics of Jack as a baby and Max's kindergarten year.

Happy Belated!! :)) Wish I would have known, ahem... ;)

I'm working on my PYP post now! Hope it's ok... I always get nervous with these sorts of things.

angel shrout said...

The one thing I am glad I can do is retrieve lost files in my hard drive. I learned that after my first crash. Good grief 850?? Shoot one can get a new laptop for that around here. Happy birthday hun. Your pup is too adorable. Our pits lay on their backs and when they do it looks like they are smiling in their sleep.

Anonymous said...

Whew!!!! That's a big sigh of relief for you that your pictures were recovered! And for free! Awesome!! :o)

I love the picture of your puppy! And the one of you and Erik! Ya'll are a gorgeous couple! Happy 34th birthday, my dear!!! I have trouble believing this since you look younger than I do...

becca said...

happy you got your pictures back

Date Girl said...

Oh yayyy! I'm so glad you got your pictures back. What a relief! Love that picture of your dog. How cute. I definitely snoozed on the pick your plum. I'll check it out!

Anonymous said...

I’m having fun and love the challenge. Some days are easier than others but I’m starting to get the hang of things! Amisulpride