Q4 2011

I’m sortof sad to see this Recap Party come to a close, although I’m DYIN’ to know who wins all 8 prizes!!!   I am just amazed how fast this year has gone by!!!  Lets take a look back at October, November & December!

**** A quick note of apology for not making it around to leave a comment with everyone, I still love ya and hope you haven’t given up on me! ******

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Aw, my pregnant buddy/BFF had her sweet baby girl Emery!!

It was also fun celebrating Halloween this year since it was Reese’s first time to dress up and head out.. and we went to a fun parade for their school…
Reese 2011
I also started writing a
letter to Ryan about lil’ antics he has to remember later… ahhh… memories! 
Also tested out the local Pumpkin Patch!
IMG_0663 IMG_0665
I was enjoying my maternity leave and also posted Rayne’s new born shots! One of my favorites:
I gave ya’ll a
blog tour to point out some of the important things added!
OOOH!!! I also gave you a VLOG about my obsession of hand/footprint art!!
I realized also that Reese and I like to eat our donuts the same way!!! Love it!
Aw, I did another fun craft—one I thought of myself! I can’t believe it!  hah!
Linked up with a meme hosted by
Kmama of the Daily Dribbles  &Emmy to talk about my sweet girl and thank my gal pal Amy at Nine Ninety One for such a sweet outfit!!
IMG_1020 IMG_1033 IMG_1019
I also showed my toe painting skills! 
raynes toes
And enjoyed time with family at the park while the weather was nice!

Aw…. as glad as I am to start a fresh year, I’m sad to be saying goodbye to December and 2011!

I took the plunge and am now my OWN DOMAIN!!!!  

I shared my 12 Days of Christmas with Traditions and Favorites.

I also shared a VERY annoying situation about a speeding ticket from a DECADE ago that is STILL NOT RESOLVED!!!  UGH!!!

Rayne also was baptized!!!

I am so thrilled to have shared this year with you all.  I had no idea when I made my 2011 new years resolution to be a better blogger that it would be as rewarding as it has been.  I am so thankful to the friends I have made and hope to continue to be a better blogger and can’t wait to grow with you all in 2012!!!


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Connie said...

Now I want to eat donuts while painting my nails!

Emmy said...

Yes I am still amazed at how good your nail painting technique does work. I am kind of sad it is over too- but good to be starting a new year. Thanks so much for hosting with me.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Rayne's little Christmas outfit is so cute!

These are some great months--except for the unresolved speeding ticket. I think extra donuts are deserved for dealing with that!

Jen said...

I love all of your pictures. The newborn pictures are so precious.
Can't wait to hear how the speeding ticket gets resolved.

Date Girl said...

love those little baby feet reindeer, they were so sweet!

I missed the toe painting blog but that's pretty much how mine always look.

Here's to the end of a wonderful year!

My Mercurial Nature said...

Awww, that newborn photo is just sweeter than sweet. I think I missed the blog tour, so I'm going to go on it now... :-) Love getting to know you/your blog a little better!! (and thanks for the encouragement re: going to my own .com)

Anonymous said...

I'm mostly excited just to hear what the 8 prizes are!!! :o)

Em said...

Hahaha I love painting max's toes too!!!:) so fun to have our toes both painted the same.

Liberty said...

Loved reading all your recaps!! You know I love you. :)) I finally recapped my last quarter. Happy New Year my Bloggy friend :)

Angel said...

10 years ago? wow what a long time for a ticket! I loved reading all of your recaps and we all understand its the holidays and busy!

Stacie said...

I still need to see if that toe painting technique works on big people toes! Love all of your pics!

Mom of 12 said...

Looks like you have been very busy! That's why I let me girls paint my toenails. At least then I have an excuse when they look like that.

Lourie said...

It was fun doing this! But I love the start of a new year. Your year end activities were great and special! I want my own domain! :)

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm having a major craving for some donuts right now. I wish I could eat them daily. Sadly, they go straight to my ass so I try not to eat them very often.

I'm just now commenting on peeps. So sad.