Q3 2011 Recap

I know people will probably be SWAMPED and not checking blogs but just wanted to let you know that I’ll be posting a lil’ Christmas Cheer tomorrow on Christmas Eve.  If you get a chance, stop by!!  I sure hope everyone has a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Lets take a look back at July, August & September, aka…. the hottest days of my LIFE.

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Ahh… the month I created more monsters for my kids to fear… well, in hopes to avoid potty accidents..I thought for sure I could write a book about it.
Janettes parent book
I came up with a Friend 2 Friend match up for bloggers to meet other bloggers (sadly this fell by the waist side about a week before Rayne was born).  I loved getting to know ya’ll more… need to get back to this!
JJ's Friend 2 Friend
I talked a bit about feeling bad for Ann Coulter for being attacked for speaking her mind and giving facts and wishing that I could sometimes be anonymous on my blog so I can write and speak my mind about stuff with out worrying.
I couldn’t help myself and had to talk about the heat!!!!
How Hot Was It
One of my favorite descriptions were:
It's so hot, I saw two trees fighting over a dog.
It’s so hot, a seat belt makes a pretty good branding iron.
I was also very excited to meet Rayne and showed an updated sono pic!
Rayne 28 weeks
I also was starting to talk about Christmas with my wish list including

My favorite part of August was my baby shower for Rayne!!!
I shared one of my Dr. visits and my blood disorder which has always put me at high risk during my pregnancies….

I also told ya’ll about how music was letting me down these days and started writing sponsor posts by SOCIAL SPARK! Getting paid to write a post sounded good to me- Ask me if you want to know more!
I got a fun 4D ultrasound too this month!!
raynes shots

OOH!! I can’t forget to mention my FIRST EVER SELF created craft idea!! I gave a tutorial!!
Steps 8-10
Ryan also checked out his first Rodeo!
Ryans first rodeo

Ryan was turning 4 years old!! We were thrown off gaurd this month as we thought Rayne was coming in early October, but she debuted 10 days before Ryan’s birthday!

Wrote a lil’ ditty about Rayne’s arrival:
Thank goodness for Guest Bloggers--- LOVED YA’LL!! 
Headband Tute
I apologize in advance if there are typo’s or misspellings—I’m too pooped to check!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Ryan with all of his gifts!!! He really pulled in a ton of loot!!!

I def think you should start up the Friend 2 Friend again next year! People loved that, especially when they were featured! :o)

Emmy said...

The Friend to Friend was fun! That craft you made is one of my favorites. Ryan totally got the hookup on his birthday! And yea for cute babies!

Connie said...

I loved following your pregnancy!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I loved your Friend to Friend segment too!

And it's so fun to see the ultrasounds of Rayne now that she's here. I only did the 3-D ultrasound with Dani and it's amazing how much she looked like the picture. I guess that would be an obvious thing since the ultrasound was a picture of her, but it still surprised me.

Angel said...

The friend to friend sounds like fun! I am sorry I missed it.

Stacie said...

Those 4D ultrasounds are amazing!

Lourie said...

Love the 4D's! I was lucky enough to get one with my last. Man, your son sure got a haul! hahaha. I guess baby sis didn't want to miss out. :P

Your craft is awesome. Sadly, I have to borrow from others to appear crafty. hahah.

Impulsive Addict said...

Yes, bring back friend to friend! I loved it! Date Girl mentioned it in her post. I failed. I suck.

I loved following your pregnancy and seeing all your shower pics. You have great friends and family !


becca said...

you had a very exciting summer

Date Girl said...

I loved being featured in the Friend 2 Friend Match up (especially with my blog bestie!)

Rayne's baby shower was soooo cute. You have amazing and creative loved ones.

I love that Rayne was born in September. It's really the best month to be born in. :-)

Barbara said...

What a great quarter you had!! The baby shower looked amazing and a September birthday...those are the best!!