I’ve gotten a little off track since I last posted my 12 Days of Christmas on Wednesday of last week on day 7 and am now 5 days behind.  I got a tad bit derailed by the whole Statute of Limitations” post and sadly haven’t heard anything from any of the news stations.   I’m still holding out hope… at least through January 29th when my license comes due for renewal. 

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Sorry to do my last days of Christmas in fast forward, but here it goes..

Day 8: Tree toppers
When I was growing up, the memories I have of our Christmas tree always looked something like this:

Very extravagant and artsy.  I never recall an angel or star, so when I ventured out on my own, I always tried to recreate these lavish tree toppers.  I have only started my crafty creations recently so I was never impressed with my tree and moved to the elegant and large angels.

Over time, my poor angel has been bent, broken and smashed and now we celebrate with a simple star. 

Day 9: Nativity Scene

How many nativity scenes do you have for decoration in your home at Christmas?  I think I have a total of 4 or 5 but also think I am missing some that are in that one box that has garland that I also cannot locate anywhere!
In the past few years, I have had a growing love for
Willow Tree Figures and last year I got a great collection to start my very own nativity scene which I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  I actually have it on display year round but I change the location to be more visible at this time of year.  Check out that camel!! We have found Chippy, our Elf riding him!  Isn’t it beautiful!!??!

Day 10: Stockings
photo (41) 
This is my mantle at home and my favorite part are the stockings!  I just ordered these this year so that we all have matching stockings.  Ryan and Erik have the Green stockings and the girls and myself have the Red.  I got them at Personal Creations.com and they really turned out well!! We didn’t have stockings growing up, and now that I think about it, I don’t even recall a mantle in our houses.  The only problem with stockings, starting this late in my life is.. I have little experience with good ideas to put in them.   I did spend some time on the aisles of Target & Walmart and found some cute things for the kids but how do you keep your adult stockings fun?  Socks and undies have to get boring after a while, right?  Tips?

Day 11: Favorite Websites for Christmas
I spend more time looking online for Christmas ideas than I do in a physical store!  It is so much easier and I can cover a lot of ground online vs. walking around with a car carrier and a possible crying baby. 
So here are my top 10 favorite Gift websites:
How Does She:  Great DIY tips and ideas and free printables, you can search by holidays for other times of the year too!
Pick Your Plum: This website actually sends a daily email for a HOT deal and I have already gotten some Christmas presents through them!! {Heart them}
My Publisher: I have only used this site for making photo books and my family has used them for Calendar’s and quality is AWESOME!!
Shutterfly: They sure have come a long way from just photo sharing and a few cards—I love their gift ideas!
Etsy: More than a fair share of amazing gift ideas and creators to search!
Hallmark: From stationary, frames, and even jewelry, you can’t go wrong with a happy from Hallmark! 
Target: no need to explain…
Red Envelope:  I just love the selection they have and if its too much $$, the idea alone for the items send me off to find what I’m looking for.
Personal Creations: I usually always order something from them every year- usually an ornament or a personalized gift for a friend/family member!
Overstock:  This is a great site if you need to find that perfect item and get a great price too!

Day 12: This final day will be postponed and published on Christmas Eve…

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Anonymous said...

After Christmas, I am determined to find three matching stockings for us to use for next year! Ours are so mismatched! It cracks me up!!

Thanks for all the websites!! I'm done with shopping for this year, but those will come in handy next year. I mostly used Etsy and Shutterfly this year! I LOVE being able to shop from the comfort of my desk chair. ;o)

Jill said...

That Willow Tree Angel Nativity scene is AMAZING...I want one!! I have only 3 Willow Tree angels, and they're not Nativity-related...lol

For "adult stockings" - we use stocking stuffers for a lot of necessities (razors, shaving cream, toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, undies, toothpicks, dental floss, etc.) and then a few personal touches (Mom loves to get nail polish and a pocket agenda, Dad always gets gum, I often pick up car air freshners, lip balm, stuff like that for my siblings) - And then usually a few treats - candy, chocolate, packets of tea or hot chocolate, snack-size chips or nuts, scratch lotto tickets - quite often the stocking is my favourite part! Hope these ideas help a little!

becca said...

beautiful decorations

Angel said...

We just got our tree up and all of our decorations out, what's sad is this is the first year we have a mantel for the stockings, but I don't think we'll use them because they would have to be on the other side of the house from the tree

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sites, girlie. I am not familiar with some of those.

You are gonna make us wait till Christmas Eve? Is your middle name, Meanie??

Hope you are doing well, sista!

Emmy said...

Did I ever tell you thank you for telling me about Pick your plum? I have ordered several things from there already :)

Those stockings are so cute! And I have never seen a tree decorated like the one in your first picture- that would be crazy- we just have the traditional star.

Connie said...

I keep forgetting to get a new topper for our tree!

Our Angel is too heavy for our little tree.