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Are you getting your post ready or reviewing your April, May & June?  You can link up with us through Tuesday of next week for it to count!  Just a lil’ reminder!  If you have not linked up or need a refresher, you can read the rules here.

Now lets share.. I set up a Facebook page for my blog as you may remember me telling you was over there on the right to join.  Slowly but surely I’ve had friends “Like” it and I hope  you decide to NOW if you haven’t already.  Here are my TOP 3 reasons why….
1.  You are out and about and can’t get to your google reader and want to know if there is something new to read—I’ll post the link to my latest post.
2.  I recently bought a book online that I’ve also told you about that has 31 tasks to help make your blog better!! I’d love to share these tasks with you and get you thinking.
3.  I know we all love finding a good deal online and sometimes we just don’t have time to look!  I have been finding some lately and would love to share with you so you aren’t missing out!  I know a select few of you who have taken a look at my suggestions from my
post about which ‘deals’ I have signed up for either on your own (Emmy) or because of peer pressure from me (Krista & Jessica).  Maybe you signed up and I don’t know.. but if not—please let me remind you and tell you about 1 more I think might be a hit!
Pick Your Plum
Some days there are crafts, some days there are fun girly items and sometimes its just a fun gift idea!! You have to check them out!! Give it at least a week or two!  Trust me, you’ll see something you love for a price you can’t turn down!

Another great site that sends out daily deals and sometimes they aren’t up my alley but I’d say that more often than not, I’m wishing I could buy at least once a week here if I could. 
My newest one to add and share is:
This one offers more than 1 deal a day.  Its random and mysterious!
Mamabargains.com Logo

The one thing about these 3 sites--- you will see the deal(s)… but if you SNOOZE…. you LOSE!!  Trust me, its happened to me before.  While I was buzzing all my friends to show them this hot deal, I went back to get it myself and BAM!  GONE!!!  Darn it!! So, I’m tellin’ you all to sign up. 
I’ve purchased from both Pick your Plum & Groopdealz and LOVE them!!! Like them all on facebook too for extra chances to find out the inside scoop.

If you know of an awesome deal, don’t be stingy—SHARE IT!!

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