Inquiring minds want to know!

Hey blog pals! Remember I was telling you about buying a book about ‘bettering’ my blog!?  Well, I’m slow moving!  I gave ya’ll a blog tour HERE where I told you I created my ‘elevator pitch’: 

'Where Family, Friends, Crafting and

Random Thoughts Collide'

The 2nd task was to create a list and I figure I do this pretty often.. from a list of my top favorite websites, lists of top favorite crafts and even top favorite pinterest ideas.  Unless I’m just totally missing the boat on this task.  I’m considering it DONE.

Moving on to Task 3. This tasks is to help promote your blog.  I created a facebook page HERE and am sure this task is going to be on going.  A great source they give for 11 ways to increase your chances of being linked by a blogger that you might enjoy looking into.

Before I tackle the next task, I thought it might be fun to survey my blog friends/readers. 
PuuuuUUULLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAASEEE HUMOR ME and click on my survey—its only 7 questions!!!  LOVE YA!!

Click here to take survey

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Emmy said...

I took the survey :)

Anonymous said...

I took your survey!!! I have finished the first 3 tasks in the book now, too! Are you moving on to the fourth one after the holidays? I haven't even read about the fourth one yet, so I'm not sure what it is.

Liberty said...

I did it!! My laptop was able to connect to the internet tonight!! woot woot!

Christmas is only 4 days away and then I get my new one. :))