We invited our family to join us this past weekend to witness Rayne’s baptism!  I wasn’t sure if we would make it because Reese was sick with RSV in the days leading up to it and Rayne was coming down with another terrible cold which I was afraid could be RSV too, but so far we are in the clear.  We made it and it was wonderful!! Thank you to everyone who was able to join us! 

I was especially excited for this ceremony because the Priest who was going to perform Rayne’s baptism was the whole reason I fell in love with this particular church to begin with.  Msgr. Don Fischer retired almost 2 years ago right before Reese was born, so we missed having him do hers but he was the Priest who baptized Ryan and did the marriage ceremony for me and Erik.  He came back upon request to do the baptisms this particular day and it made the event so special! {picture overload, sorry}

Our sweet Rayne Nicole

IMG_1310 IMG_1311
Not sure if Ryan is giving an offering or taking one? Cute!

God Parents
Craig Johanson (Grandpa) & Kaye Franks (Gammy)
IMG_1347 IMG_1349 IMG_1353 IMG_1361
IMG_1364 IMG_1366
IMG_1369 IMG_1370
IMG_1373 IMG_1378

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Anonymous said...

What a great and happy day!! Everything looks beautiful! -- from the church, cake, people and sweet Rayne!

Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

How sweet, love all of the pictures. :) Everything looks great!

Impulsive Addict said...

So so sweet! We need to baptize Emma but I didn't get baptized until I was old enough to know what it means. However, M's family thinks otherwise....

Emmy said...

So awesome the Priest you love was able to come back for this. What a special day! Her dress is beautiful! So is the cake!! Did you make that?

Jen said...

What great pictures! She is such a little doll! Love that headband. And that is wonderful about the priest :)

becca said...

what a beautiful ceremony

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful ceremony!!! These pictures are great! I'm so glad your priest came back for this!!! :o)

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Amber said...

Gorgeous! Looks like it was a lovely ceremony!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Congratulations to your beautiful girl!!! It's wonderful you were able to use the Priest that was so important to you.