12 Days of Christmas: 5

Gosh, in just 20 days it will be Christmas!! I really need to bust a move and get my Christmas shopping started and finished!! This is my last week home with Rayne before going back to work and sending her off to daycare with her brother and sister so I hope it goes SLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!
DAY 5:  Oh Christmas Tree
When I was growing up, we had a fake tree every year.  I think people who had real trees were people on TV because I do not recall any friends or family who had a real tree.  As you have noticed, all of the traditions I am sharing with you are all when Erik and I started dating and got married.  Our first Christmas was with a real Christmas tree!  Ahhh, it smells so good and looks so pretty!  The best part is that you can leave most of the tinsel on the tree and totally trash it when you are done and just take down the ornaments and lights.  Easy!  Totally worth it!! So, every year we take a family picture at our tree stop and this year Ryan was more than excited to go pick ours out, please do not read his facial expression because it would appear that he felt otherwise, but I promise he was bouncing off the walls to go get it! 
Every year I think most people pick colors for their decorations and tree.  This year we are going with Red and Gold.  Last year was Silver and Blue. 

Maybe when the kids get older, we can literally go and chop down our own tree!! I’ve never done that and think it would be SO cool!!  What colors are you decorating with and do you use a real tree?
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Connie said...

We got our tree on Friday and our colors this year are RED and SILVER! I love it!

Liberty said...

Colors this year:

Whatever the homemade kid ornaments are... :) Letting the kiddos decorate the tree and it has turned out great!

We had a real tree the first couple of years after we had Max, but I hated the pine needles everywhere. So, we got a pre-lit one from Lowe's and I LOVE it!

Emmy said...

We always had a real tree growing up. We would go to this big tree farm and run around trying to pick out a tree. Then the key was finding each other but keeping track of what tree we liked. My dad would cut it down and we would bring it home only to find out that once again we had picked out a tree too tall or more often way too fat. They look smaller out there by all of the other trees :)

Krista said...

Yeap, we do a real tree. Actually, we didn't start using a real tree until last year, the first Christmas in our new house. This year we planned to stop at a Christmas tree farm on our way back from East Texas after Thanksgiving but never passed one. Bummer. So you're going to have to share with me where you get your tree. Those prices look nice! ;)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

i don't think im getting a tree this year..will just have to admire the lovely trees in blogland...we had a real tree one year..it's messy but smells so good!

Anonymous said...

Last week of maternity leave?? Ugh-- that sucks.... egg nog! Anyway, I hope it goes supa slow too.

Fake tree... we went red, white and lime green this year. For the past 3 years we went the blue and silver route. I needed a change.

Anonymous said...

I have never had a real tree. I think next year that I will see about getting one.

Jen said...

I love the smell of real Christmas trees!
I need to get my shopping done too...I can't believe it's only 20 days away!!!!!!
You have a very cute family :)

Anonymous said...

You must have some killer arm muscles with the way you're holding Rayne in the carrier up like that! Good for you!!

We have NEVER had a real tree b/c I'm allergic to them. And a little frightened. The only person I know whose ever had a real tree was my aunt and uncle. And it happened to be a Christmas that we celebrated over there with the whole family. Before we even made it through the door, they warned us not to go near the tree. Apparently it was housing thousands of tiny spiders. Yikes!!!! I doubt that happens very often, but my fear of spiders would DEF overcome my desire to ever have a real tree in the house. :o)

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

We do a real tree too. It's one of my favorite things. We don't do a theme for our tree. Every ornament that we own goes on it. Then when we're putting them up on the tree I get to remember special moments from that year or who bought it for me etc.:)