A little happy!

Just for the record I wanted to show ya’ll that my painting method does work! Just a lil’ bath and we’ve got pretty toes!
toes after

I was thinking about my blog and all of the blog friends I have made along the way and can’t imagine my life without ya’ll.  I’m so thankful that I had children that inspired me to start a blog so that I could meet such wonderful people!  One of those fabulous gals happens to be Amy from Nine Ninety One.  Amy surprised me with a little snail mail that was actually for Rayne and it meant SOO much to me!! More importantly, SHE MADE IT!! Ya’ll know how much personalized things mean to me so this hit home!!  I had a reason to do a photo shoot for Rayne!! Thank you so much Amy!! xoxo
Check out this adorable outfit!
IMG_1060  IMG_1020 IMG_1033 IMG_1019
I’m in love with her eyes and sweet baby lips!! So cute!! IMG_1051
I’m also excited because Rayne is getting a little bit closer to holding her head steady!  I feel so guilty just laying her on the play mat with things dangling over her head, so I wrapped her tummy with a thick blanket and put her in the exer-saucer for a few minutes to change it up a bit.  Granted her head was still bobbin’ around a bit, she was definitely interested in her new surroundings.
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Emmy said...

Yea!! Holding the head up really is such a great milestone as it makes more things possible- espeically easier for more poses for cute pictures :)

Thanks so much for linking up.

Emmy said...

Oh and the toes- holy cow that is awesome!

Bridget said...

You paint her toes the same way I paint mine. I slap paint on them, then get in the shower...hey it works, and I couldn't bend and get my toes after my surgery last year. You gotta do what you gotta do to have pretty toesies.

Amy did such a good job on that cute little dress, and Rayne looks adorable in it!

becca said...

omg how precious is she and that outfit to cute

Kmama said...

That outfit is adorable. And love those tiny, painted toes. So cute.

Thanks for linking up!

Anonymous said...

Hah! I knew your nail painting method would work because that's how I used to do it, too! ;o)

Amy is such a sweetheart! And so talented, too!!! That holiday outfit is adorable! And Miss Rayne models it so well! :o)

Impulsive Addict said...

Amy is such a sweetheart. I love her. She did so good with her adorable outfit! And the toes are gorgeous. They turned out so pretty!

I have an amazing connection to so many blogging friends. I love it!!

Have a great weekend my sweet friend!

Mango Chutney said...

Cute nails, classic!!lol ;)

Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

Love those tiny perfectly painted toenails. :) I'll have to try you trick out on my little wiggle worm. & SUCH a cute little dress she made!

SupermomWannabe said...

She's a super cutie!

Amber said...

How adorable!

Amy is such a sweetheart!