Guest Posting!

Today I am guest posting at one of my favorite blogs!! Go and show me and Ashley some love!!!  HAPPY NOVEMBER!!! So glad its Thanksgiving time!!!


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Anonymous said...

I loved your guest post! Too funny that you even noticed that! :o) Seeing as my major in college was Broadcasting, I can tell you what our station has the papers for. I don't know if it applies to everyone though.

Those papers actually ARE the stories that are on the prompters, with lots of extra information. You are supposed to read them before you get in front of the prompter.

Then there are additional papers in the stack just in CASE they need your segment to go longer to prepare for someone else, or there is a hiccup in the system. Those papers are your back-up plan. :o)

But I could so see bored newscasters passing each other raunchy messages on them. :o) That's what we did to try to screw each other up during tapings. ;o)

becca said...

running over now