Don’t waste my time

Every parent thinks their child is the cutest thing in the world!  I adore each of my children and can’t believe how lucky I am when I look at them each day. 

When Ryan was almost 2 years old, I got this wild idea to take him to have his picture taken professionally to get comp cards.  My plan was to send out the comp cards to modeling agencies in the Dallas area so that he could possibly appear in a local ad for clothes or something.  I got some great pictures but nothing ever came of the submissions to any of the agencies.
Here were a few we took…. these are pictures of pictures…. so the quality isn’t great.
ryan 2 ryan

Time has gone by and recently I have had a call from this place called ‘One Source Talent’.  They have called a few times asking if we could schedule a time to meet Ryan and see if he would be a fit for some modeling.  I was leery since it had been 2 years but I guess this particular place only takes kids that are 4 years of age and up.  I agreed to take him after a few friendly emails with the scheduler.

Ryan and I drive for about an hour to this place.  They said the process would take about an hour and we had an appointment with a particular lady.  We walked in, filled out some piece of paper and then were guided into a holding room with about 50 other people of all ages, sizes and styles.  There was a TV on showing “27 dresses” the movie and everyone was just waiting.  Of the group, there were about 3 or 4 kids total including Ryan.  I figured the kids would go first but… not so.

After about 20 minutes, a very flamboyant man walked in with all black and his hair strangely styled who turned off the TV and spoke to all of us in a very condescending manner and talked about as fast as the man does who calls out for bids in a bidding war. 

Ryan asked me if it was a boy or a girl.  At first, I wasn’t sure, but I was also unsure what exactly he was saying…. all I remember hearing is-- “Don’t waste our time and we won’t waste yours” in a very rude tone.  It was like he was judging the entire group and superior which really annoyed me. 

This was apparently an audition!  HUH? 

After an HOUR waiting with a 4 year old in a warm room with only 1 television playing a movie he could care less about… and having to explain to him that we would go soon when he would ask if we could leave…. they finally called our name!

We were taken into a room with this girl who clearly hated her job or us and she asked Ryan in a very unkid-friendly way, “So why do you want to model?” as she was messing with her computer and seemingly taking notes.  Ryan got shy and nuzzled his head in my arm.

She says, “Is this not a good time for you?”  I was like, um…. its a fine time but he is just being shy.  She explains that if he doesn’t talk, then there was nothing she could do for us, but if we wanted to come back the next week during the week day, we could meet with someone who was better with children because children were not her thing.

Seriously lady!? Children are not your thing?  Then why did you call us back here?  Why are we here!?  I was pissed.  Ryan’s chances at modeling were going to be ruined because he was shy towards a non-kid friendly lady…. but if I wanted to, I could drive back in rush hour traffic, OVER AN HOUR away to see if we could do this again!?  Are you kidding me!?  You want us to come back… sit in a room for another hour and get judged in merely seconds which may or may not be worth our time? 

I said—never mind, forget it!  Thanks.  My attitude mirrored hers and I’m sure she thought I was a non-adult friendly person when we walked out.

If modeling agencies are really that crappy, then I don’t want to have my child be apart of it.  What a waste of my time as I am sure they felt the same. 

I am tempted to write an email to their management staff about their shoddy process and lack of people skills.. AGH!  I feel sorry for all of the others in that room who were turned away… this felt worse than going through sorority rush!

At the end of the day, I know my sweet boy is as cute as can be and its their loss. 

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Anonymous said...

Totally their loss! ((Sticking my tongue out))

I didn't know you were gonna put him into modeling. But of course, I haven't been keeping up too well these days. :/

Becca said...

Why do people like that expect small children to be as articulate as adults? And from their attitudes, I would run from a place like that. Who knows if they were on the up and up..glad you know your child well, and it really is their loss!

Darlene said...

It sounds like a very unfriendly towards people operation. I would run away fast.

Jenna said...

How rude!

They just weren't ready for the cuteness that is Ryan! Their loss!

Brittney said...

definitely their loss and I wouldnt want my child in that atmosphere either

Anonymous said...

How very rude. Why have a person who is not good with kids audition kids...makes no sense.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I would have done the exact same thing! He's such a cutie!

When my oldest was about two I took her to some modeling type audition. Just before we walked in she threw up all over the sidewalk and herself. And that was the end of her modeling career. :)

Krista said...

What horrible planning and just straight poor business on their part.

I'd write them, but that's with the hope that someone who isn't like the people you met the day of the event would read it and care. Maybe you send it to the person who kindly communicated with you by email in the first place?

Emmy said...

Holy cow! Yea even if they did want to work with him- I would not use that place if I were you. Crazy!

Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Wow! That is sooo lame!! Seriously! I hate people who lack people skills and customer service skills! I want to punch her for you!!


becca said...

totally their loss and if she's not a child person why is she working with kids

Gigi Baby said...

ok so first off i haveto say....RYAN IS SO CUTE I COULD DIE!!!!! Second lol One Source Agency is crappy you can be with them for 2 years and get nada!! I never went back for my second interview and my friend has been with them for like 4 years and nothing outside of an extra in a movie! I thought it was just LA but I guess I was wrong! But like everyone is saying it is their loss!! Buck them!!! Great post about a munch of jerks!

Loves and likes ya <3

Lucy said...

Ryan is such a cutie pie!

Oh, the whole modeling thing is so cutthroat and the people are not very friendly but if you are interested just keep looking for something that fits you and your child!

Rebekah said...

Ryan is soooooo cute! Screw them! I would have been irate too!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! What a horrible experience. :o( Maybe it was just a bad agency. Ryan would make an adorable child model! They are missing out. I understand how you feel about wasting your time, though. :o( Sorry.

Jessica said...

Wow! What a horrible process. How do they expect to get any kind of talented kids when they don't take the time to TALK to them and pull them out of their shell a little bit? Definitely their loss!! I would send an email to their management. The probably don't care since they obviously don't manage their place very well but maybe SOMEONE will care enough to change their ways.

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

So rude! We thought of getting Annabelle into some modeling but it just seemed like the people were too full of themselves or too shady. Annabelle can be a model for us at home and that is fine by me.