Clean up Crew of One

It is rare for you to come into my house and find me barefoot.  I have learned in the past four years of having children and the last nine years of having a dog that your floors will never be clean again.

I have dust bunnies that have died and given birth to multiples ...scattered on the edges of my rooms that appear out of no where.  Erik is completely blind to the fur balls, even though they are big and could probably be classified in the Texas tumbleweed category.  My dog also tends to drip water from her chin after getting a slurp or two from her water bowl and lets not forget the occasional drool from begging.  I have slipped on these tiny drops on the floor and so have the kids.

I have also found that the juice box making companies and Capri Sun makers have it out for us parents.  My four year old son knows not to 'squeeze' the box or the bag knowing that it spills out of the hole or the straw all over the floor.  I cannot explain this to my one year old who cannot be denied a juice box when her brother is carrying his around right in front of her face.  She has not mastered the 'no squeezie' tactic.  So, I am also stepping in juice spills which really grosses me out on bare feet. 

Reese has become very close with our fur ball, water chin dripping, drool hound Mackie and every meal she has--- she shares.

Exhibit A.  The “WHAT?” look of “I didn’t do anything!”IMG_1073
Exhibit B.  The innocent smile.
Exhibit C.  The evidence!
Exhibit D.  The ‘I really think this is funny’ look!   
Exhibit E.  The willing and happy clean up crew of One very lucky dog who has gained more weight since Reese was born than I’ve ever seen!
IMG_1079 IMG_1080 IMG_1081
Can you blame me for always wearing socks and shoes now!?
This happens after EVERY MEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Krista said...

I love that cheesing it face! She's so precious!

Amber said...

Reese is so cute, haha

I'm with you, bare feet is a no, no in my world. I HATE stepping in things or having things stuck to my feet. Gross!

becca said...

how cute is that adorable face of hers. Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

I totally agree about those caprisuns and juiceboxes. Whos bright idea was that? lol. & Dont feel bad, my dog has become 'over weight' since Kaylee was about 1 and a half and discovered feeding him her food. haha. Drives me nuts. Hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Liberty said...

OMGosh she is sooooo adorable!!! How can you ever get mad at that face???!? She's just learning cause and effect, right? Hee hee.

Completely agree with the juice box companies. No muy bueno for the little ones.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend

Emmy said...

Lol! Oh I can so relate- we just don't have an auto cleaner at our house so I feel like I might as well attach the broom to my arm.

JENN said...

1.- Your kids are ADORABLE! Love those sweet mischevious little faces!
2.- Your house can be spotless or you can enjoy your babies growing up...unless you can afford a maid the two will never continue on enjoying those babies!
3.- When my daughter was little (eons ago-she's 17 and choosing colleges...EEK!) they made hard plastic holders for juice boxes! I always found them at places like the dollar store, but I did find some once in the sippy cup aisle at WalMart. I will look around for you some and let you know.