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Hey ya’ll!  I feel like my blog is getting super busy looking and I’m trying to keep it simple but don’t want to leave anything out.  In case you are cross eyed by all of the buttons and side accessories, I wanted to point out a few things.

Right side:

  • I added a button over there ---> if you want to “Like” my blog page on Facebook!  Don’t be shy!  If it gets out of hand you can hide it later.  If you are a secret reader, its okay to come forward now.
  • Social Spark Button is there to let you know that I publish posts for advertisers.  You may have seen a few in the past and I can’t believe they actually pay me to do, but they do….. and you can too!  Click it if you want to earn money on your blog.  $15 bucks here and there or more can add up to a new pair of sassy shoes or something!
  • I am also a Pinterest addict and have given a link for you to follow me there and if you aren’t already on there, please tell me so I can get you an invite to join.
  • Lastly, the follow me button which I think ya’ll already know about but just wanted to take a second to THANK YOU for those who have clicked and keep coming back.  I haven’t been the best at blog hopping but am very appreciative of those who stop by and let me know. 

Left side:

  • There is a button on the left that hopefully you are noticing that starts the 9th of December where you can link up to recap this amazing year and have a chance to win something and meet other bloggers.  Click HERE for more info.
  • There is a blog listing of friends I know in real life that have blogs and of course those that I wish I knew and if you don’t know any of them, I encourage you to stop by and visit them. 

On another note…. I bought a blog book.  WHAT!?  Yes a blog book.  It is a ‘Make your Blog better’ kind of a book and it has a challenge each day to help you.  The first one asks for my blog’s elevator pitch.  Its a short lil’ description of my blog that people notice when they first find me that sums up my blog so they know what its about.  I don’t know how true mine is but wanted to see if you agree with it:

Here goes….

'Where Family, Friends, Crafting and Random Thoughts Collide'

Do you think that’s fitting for my blog?  If not, how would you sum it up?

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VandyJ said...

I like your blog summary statement. I just put mine back on my blog header. Looking forward to the year end blog extravaganza!

Anonymous said...

The only thing you're missing is a B&W picture on the right column of Miss Rayne! :o)

I already like your blog statement. I don't think you should mess with it!!!

I think I'm going to do an 'About The blog' page after the new year. That's where I'll probably add my "blog statement". :o)

Emmy said...

Yep I think your blog statement is great! And I liked your FB page- though I am hardly on FB anymore. M

Anonymous said...

I think I like "Crazy and fun loving blonde that pops out adorable looking children. Oh, and loves this amazing girl in TN." just a wee bit betta. ;)

stephanie said...

I think the summary is just perfect!!

Connie said...

Your blog statement is perfect! Nice job!